Official Evernote application for Windows Phone 7 " almost ready " !

Good news Evernote users ! The cross platform application Evernote is  ’ almost ready ‘ to be released in the marketplace. After months of silence, we finally know that an official Evernote app for WP7 will be released in the marketplace soon. They made this announcement in their recent podcast.

Link to the podcast  ( 39 min 40 seconds for the wp7 goodness – thanks again @danevald )

Well that’s all the Evernote info we have for you at this moment. We will keep you updates for more on this.

thanks @danevald  for the heads up.

New Security update for Windows Phone 7 devices now available !

Multiple #wp7 users ( including me ) have confirmed that their devices have been notified for a security update – the updated version number is : 7.0.7392.0

 It’s being called a ‘critical ‘ security update that  fixes issue related to fraudulent third party certificates  and includes the NoDo update too. Read more about the security update on the Windows Phone Update Page.

Apparently, you can control a canon firing robot with Windows Phone 7 !

Now here is something which you have probably never seen before. I have seen pretty crazy stuff happening with Android and iOS devices controlling various cool robots but never came across anything related happening with Windows Phone 7 devices. For a change, I came across this video in which Muang brothers – Lwin and Min from Accolade Systems ( a BizSpark company ) showed of their  ’ canon firing robot ‘ controlled via an application running on Windows Phone device.

Dave Bost has more on this :

I asked the Maung Brothers what the inspiration behind this robot was and all of all things it was pure laziness! Or some would say – pure genius! They basically wanted to create something that allowed them to mow the grass for them while sitting in the comforts on their living room. A remote-controlled lawnmower! Aside from the potentially maiming and harm a runaway lawnmower could do on account of a software bug, the Maung brothers took it upon themselves to investigate the possibilities. Prototyping off of a Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler and taking it from there, they built a solid chassis and all the techno gadgetry to make a wannabe Maker blush. Not to mention the addition of strobe lights and a cannon!

Check out the robot showing off some moves :

tip : Jump to 3:15 if you are too eager to see the robot in action.

Oh. You can use it as a tank as well, just remove the equipment firing the cannons and just sit on it and navigate via your windows phone device. Not too bad, eh ?

Microsoft TouchStudio updated to provide more access, scripting on phone now even more fun!

Microsoft released TouchStudio a month back much to delight of thousands of WP7 device owners. Basically touch studio enabled users to create tiny yet useful scripts with barely any coding experience required,  something which isn’t common on other mobile platforms.

Script your phone! TouchStudio is a radically new software development environment on the Windows Phone, bringing the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone. Bring your songs and pictures to life, and use the sensors on the phone. You write code by tapping on the screen. TouchStudio comes with many samples that you can tweak.

Here is the Release Note for Ver. 1.1 beta  :

  • Many bug fixes
  • Better auto-completion in expression editor
  • Access to accelerometer, location, maps, translation services, web search, tile customization, charting, and more.
Notable new APIs:
  • senses->acceleration quick/smooth/stable: Access to accelerometer
  • locations->*: Access to GPS/geo-coordinates
  • maps->*: Access to Bing maps
  • languages->*: Access to Bing- and Hawaii-based translation services
  • web->search *: Searching the web with Bing
  • tile->*: Configuration of script tile properties
  • math->create number map: charting functionality
Notable API changes:
old APInew API 
engine->assert time->fail if not
engine->stop time->stop 
phone->sleep time->sleep 
phone->now time->now 
json->get fieldjson->field 
json->get boolean json->boolean 
json->get number json->number 
json->get string json->string 
senses->snap camera picture senses->take camera picture
senses->has camerea picturesenses->has taken camera picture 
senses->camera picture senses->taken camera picture 
web->deep zoom link web->link deep zoom 
web->hyperlink web->link url 
web->image link web->link image 

Zune download link 

In short, more access. More the merrier, I say. Do show us what you come up with !

Meet the Windows Phone 8 Concept : Sony Ericsson Leon 2 GHz Dual Core Smartphone

Mango isn’t even out yet and Windows Phone 8 concepts are already surfacing. Can you feel the excitement ? Victor Cao has created a futuristic, droolworthy concept phone based on a future imagined version of Windows Phone. It uses a future version of Office and is equipped with the Transolid UI.

Its aimed as a high-end device with a dual core 2 GHz processor, 12 MP back camera , 3.2 MP front camera, an 1800 mAh battery, a 4.4 inch 1080p OLED touchscreen, wireless HDMI and NFC support. The 12 MP autofocus Cybershot camera has multi-LED flash, the screen is Bravia, has a Walkman music player and the phone is Playstation certified as well. Talk about dream phones, eh ? More images below.

TrueCaller Adding Realtime Caller ID Support With Mango

You know about True Caller, right ? That cool app which allows you to look up phone numbers from anywhere in the world, is on Windows Phone 7. You can search for a number and the app returns the name and address(when available) as results. You can search international numbers as well by changing your country.

The app is about to get even more awesome. Bringing it on par with its counterparts on other platforms, it will soon add the realtime caller ID feature. We contacted the devs, and they told us with Mango, it will be possible to access the contacts API and add realtime functionality to the app.

4Lyrics app does music playback & automatically syncs lyrics with music on your Windows Phone device

I have been waiting for an application that could play music and show me synchronised lyrics on my Windows Phone device. I had this application caled Lyrics which fetched lyrics from some lyrics database online but it wasn’t synchronized with music so it wasn’t really useful, I could have used web browser instead. 4Lyrics is just what I wanted. It’s not just an application which syncs lyrics with music but it also searches for singers, albums, title of the tracks and random reproduction. The music playback is powered by native Zune client so your music plays in the background.

You can also chose to translate lyrics in many of the available languages in the Settings options ( powered by Microsoft translator ). If you think lyrics is broken – you can fix it yourself. I still somehow miss Tune Wiki, iOS app, lyrics sync experience – the Karaoke experience as they call it. Highlights the words as they come out – can’t really describe it due to vocabulary limitations but you probably get the idea if you have used it.

The interface is clean and will definitely replace Zune hub as my default music playback destination. The application is available for 0.99 $ – definitely a value for money. Hit the Zune download link.

Zune download link

Microsoft Releases Developer Tool To Port iOS Applications To Windows Phone

There’s no doubt that Apple currently leads the appstore race, atleast in terms of numbers, but Microsoft seems to be determined to do everything they can to woo developers for their WP7 platform. They have announced an API mapping tool : iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone API mapping tool.

Announced on the Windows Phone Developer blog, the tool is described as a sort of translation dictionary for quickly porting snippets of iOS code to C# equivalents.

With this tool, iPhone developers can grab their apps, pick out the iOS API calls, and quickly look up the equivalent classes, methods and notification events in WP7. A developer can search a given iOS API call and find the equivalent WP7 along with C# sample codes and API documentations for both platforms.

For the current version, three types of APIs are supported : Network / Internet, User Interface and Data Management. Though they do not plan to provide mapping for all the APIs that iOS has, they do plan to improve and expand the scope in later versions.

Microsoft has also published a 90-page+ whitepaper titled “Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers”. Microsoft has also given devs an option to suggest which APIs they would like mapped and they have also begun a series of “developer stories” in which devs share their experiences and reason for porting apps to Windows Phone 7.
Microsoft is definitely following its “Developers! Developers! Developers!” motto and the upcoming Nokia-Microsoft dev engagement initiatives are only going to boost developer interest in Windows Phone. You can get the tool, whitepaper and other resources at the source link.

Zune services to be renamed ‘ Xbox Live Music ‘ ?

An anonymous tipper sent us a link which turned out to be job posting for ‘ Xbox live Music Marketplace ‘ which is totally unheard of.

The listing is embedded below :

Job Category: Services & Consulting
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 754083
Division: Interactive Entertainment Business
Are you interested in working in one of the most dynamic areas of the digital entertainment industry? Are you ready to deliver the content and experiences that customers want? If so, the Xbox LIVE Services Business and Strategy Team might be the right place for you. Our Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) is responsible for products & services like Xbox, Kinect, Live Services, Zune, and Microsoft games.

The Xbox LIVE Services Business and Strategy Team is looking for a passionate, media-savvy, detail-oriented and highly motivated Business Manager passionate about driving our first party Music business in the US across multiple tuner end points; Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, PC, WWW and Bing

The position is responsible for management of relationships with two of the four major record labels as well as a number of high profile indie labels, and creating strategies around content to drive the Zune Music business. You’ll work closely with other team members internal and, afore mentioned, external content partners, and with Marketing, Promotions and Tuner teams to help them support objectives and initiatives into smart execution.

Using a blend of partner opportunity, merchandising, curation and packaging, you will help drive the evolving Zune music experience and improve the value of our offering.

This role has a wide range of responsibilities including the following key activities:
Daily management of partner relationships, focus will be on two of the four major labels and a small number of indies
Develop strategies and content prioritization plans to drive the Zune Music business
Analyze service usage and other metrics to develop business intelligence in order to further guide business, promotion & priority planning and address the best market opportunities
Project management between development, marketing, promotions, business development and internal partners
Drive opportunities for catalog differentiation, including: exclusive content, content availability windows and offerings
Evaluate business performance against key performance indicators
Engage with marketing to target initiatives based on release schedules and business intelligence
Management of bi-annual business reporting to major label partners
Prioritization of content merchandising for publishing & programming teams
Identification of new potential label/content partners based on competitive intelligence and business goals
Management of weekly calendars, release schedules and content prioritization lists
Support new projects and initiatives as point of contact for label partners and Zune business
Evangelist for the music business across both internal and external events with partners/customers

Is this the end of Zune or just an extension of current Xbox services  ? Zune isn’t even close to being s popular as the Xbox Live services. Xbox live has a huge fanbase while Zune being exceptionally good isn’t really catching up with users. Will the renaming of service cause a positive impact ? Will update as soon as we get more information on this.

Visual Voicemail for Windows Phone 7

TheBeO, a member of the SmartFrance.Info forum has developed, Visual Voicemail, an application for Windows Phone 7 for people who want to add a graphical element to their voicemails. Right now, the app is only available to people with dev access to their phones or those who have chevroned their devices, though it will be coming to marketplace with the Mango update.

The app has just reached version 1.0 status and is development is far from over but the developer has promised to make the WP7 version on par with its Android and iOS counterparts. Its features are :
- Retrieve messages and backup for offline listening
- Playing with Play / Pause
- Management of the slider control playback
- Removal (archiving) the messages
- Deletion of archived messages (thus canceling all, on the phone)
- Updated indicators “read” on the server
- Indication of new messages
- Recall the corresponding
- Send an SMS
- Registration number in contacts
TheBeO has a no. of updates planned and you can view all of them and download the app here.
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