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Better Navigation and Multi-Tasking Details on Windows Phone Mango

The Windows Phone Blog posted an insider’s look at the improvements coming to navigation and some details about multitasking in the Mango update today. First up, they are updating the app list, to add the same sort of alphabet grid that you see in your people hub. So, you can just tap on the alphabet header and quickly jump to whichever app you wanna launch. To maintain the aesthetics, they have decided to show these headers only if you have more than 45 apps to prevent wastage of screen estate. Also, you can now search for your apps and launch them , the same way you search for a contact.

You can now press and hold the back button, which will show you a set of 5 ‘cards’ which show the last five applications you used in the state you left them. Flick left/right to see other cards, all arranged in the order you last used them. The Windows Phone team will be monitoring customer reaction to ensure a smooth experience and will consider adjusting the number of cards based on response.


WP7 NoDo compared to WP7 Mango (Part 1)

Before we begin. We have some exciting news. I (^RM) am pleased to announce that we have a new member, DbG33k, in our ever growing team of enthusiastic mobile geeks. DbG33K is an avid Dragon Ball Z fan, like me, and loves playing with his Windows Phone. He has a Youtube channel as well, go check it out.

- Rahul Mathur
Hi folks!
Like Rahul said, I am dbG33K, and I will be joining the team.
For my first post, I will begin linking you to a series of videos that compare a few of the features found in Windows Phone 7 with the features of the upcoming Mago update, Windows Phone 7.5. Part I is all about E-Mail and Internet Explorer 9.
Meet us after the break to take a look!

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Adding Third Dimension To Maps In Windows Phone (Developers)

Developers Developers Developers! No it’s not Steve Ballmer this time but Tim James over from EMC Consulting who is commanding the attention of Windows Phone Developers. He’s provided a detailed tutorial on how to give maps the 3D dimension. The trick is wrapping the map around a sphere allowing the user to swipe around to get the feel of the extra dimension. Tim has provided a complete instruction set in his blog over here.

map globe
From this… ….To this
On similar lines is the application Stars 3D (opens Zune). This app (available in the Market Place) uses a similar ideology, but instead of locations on earth it presents stars in over the earth (a transparent sphere). It has views for constellations, planets and stars and latitude-longitude view. And don’t worry if you didn’t understand much from the video (below) because a help button is present in the app.
Here’s the link to the Stars 3D application video
Source: Wpcentral

Bring Your Windows Phone Device to your Desktop via WP7 RecX

You are a dev and hate making videos via the Windows Phone emulator ? Or maybe you just wanna check out your apps on the big screen and not crick your neck switching back and forth between your monitor and mobile’s screen. Well, XDA member fiinix has released a screen streaming/recording application based on “The DllImport Project”. The dev has optimized the app a lot to make it usable, here is the official feature list :

* Full-screen mode “F11″
* Presentation-mode background color chooser. (Useful in F11 mode)
* Great features on UI (The cn version suck’ed with UI)
* Chose what IP port WP7<>Server talk over
* See frames count’ received
* Start/Stop server at any time to continue later -button
* More than 2.3 fps! Yay.

Cluttered Windows Phone ? 3 Ways to organize your Live Tiles

Windows Phone 7 is all about neat, tidy and organized. Did the designers suffer from OCD, we don’t know but the Interface and their motto is about being clean and being easy. If you’ve got more than 20 live tiles on your homescreen their motto doesn’t exactly hold true. To solve this a few interesting solutions are available online.
MyLiveTile allows you to create a perfectly sized square on IE and pin it to your start screen. This improves the spacing between the Live Tiles and permits you to categorize them as per your wish.
This concept is not new and there are many sites which offer similar functionality, albeit with a few minor differences. Here’s a list of websites that allow you to organize your live tiles:
Well this makes organizing your I mean live tiles that much easier doesn’t it?

Windows Phone Metro UI Wins International Design Excellence Award

Windows Phone 7 arrived on the smartphone scene bringing a very refreshing and smooth UI. Departing from the iOS and Android style of icons and tabs and tapping and clicking, it created the beloved Metro UI. No later than six months (and change) the Metro UI got the award for the Interactive Product Experiences in the ’2011 International Design Excellence Awards’. The live tiles and the panorama screens ,which involve swiping, make the interface a joy to use.
Here’s what Co.Design had to say:

The Windows Phone 7 was built around the idea that the end user is king. The design team began by defining and understanding the people who would use this phone. It was convinced that there could be a better user experience for a phone, one that revolves more around who the users are rather than what they do. The Windows Phone 7 lets users quickly get in, get out and back to their lives.

How true. With the Mango Update coming in fall and the marketplace booming ahead the future looks bright for the Microsoft’s newest baby.
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