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WP7 Game Review: Spectrum Sprint

Today’s game is Spectrum Sprint by Ludibrium, a platform runner.

Overall Score: 2.5 / 5

Spectrum sprint is a platformer with a small twist (read: this ain’t mario): you have to choose the color of the runner, and only platforms of the same color are solid to you. If you are green, and you fall on a platform that’s blue, you will just fall through. (So don’t jump onto an icy platform when you are green with envy.. I digress.) As you keep playing, your speed increases, which makes the game challenging.

The idea is simple, which makes the game readily accessible to people. There are no powerups… but there are some coins you can grab along the way. The coins do.. er.. nothing. (Given the inflation, this is understandable. I guess.) I could not find what good they were. The game progresses horizontally, and the platforms appear sometimes above you and sometimes below you… except when they appear below you they are obscured behind the advertising.

Spectrum sprint gameplay screen. The Orange man jumpeth onto an orange platform.

I found that the jump button was a bit hard to touch sometimes, resulting in my character falling to a painful death. From this stems the fact that if your finger slips from the jump button area mid-jump, the character will start falling, and you can’t jump in mid-air, resulting in a sudden unexpected death. Increasing the hit detection area would help.

Spectrum Sprint is fun when the speed increases (like Superman). Though, I felt that the speed did increase quickly to a fast speed, and stayed at that fast speed for a while. Maybe a more gradual increase would make it feel fairer.

While Spectrum sprint is fun to play, the novelty dies of really really quickly. Add to the fact that there are no powerups, that the ad control remains active during gameplay and obscures the lower platforms, and the small hit detection area of the jump button, I give this game a 2.5. I would be willing to revise this score once the game updates, though.

Spectrum Sprint is available free from the Zune Marketplace.

Game Review: Dungeon Stalker

Overall rating: 5/5
Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am @sushovande, and I will be reviewing games for WpSauce.

Today we are talking about Dungeon Stalker, an action RPG by Pansoft. Once you get about five minutes of gameplay, what will strike you the most is the very gothic feel of the game. Stop me if this sounds familiar – a dark room, 5 pointed star in blood, with two human skulls on top. Limited field of view, and sudden eerie music. Nobody? Is Amnesia: the dark descent not popular at all? And this is level 2 of Dungeon Stalker. For an RPG to have a distinct Amnesia feel to it is not a shortcoming – it is extravagant praise. In the two levels the trial version provided, it managed to cause a few shivers down my fragile spine. Yes, I am fairly certain this Bangalore chill had nothing to do with it.

It is very easy to get started. You pick a name, a character picture, and click the random button to distribute your points, and you’re all set to start playing. Right off the bat, the controls for the game are excellent.Throughout my gameplay, I never clicked the wrong button once. Opening the inventory, opening the map – everything is intuitive and responsive.

ScreenDump_2011-22-14 08 22 52 8170 PM

Gruesome? Yes. Eerie? Yes. Provides an ice-cold chill down your spine as you sit alone in a hotel room with your Wp7.. er.. okay, maybe not that much.

Dungeon Stalker is not a 3D game where you move continuously. When you click Forward, you go ahead instantly by one block. (Hey! You can imagine you are doing mini teleportations!) While the movement seems jarring at first, I got used to it pretty fast. Remember too, that Diablo 1 used to only let you stand in on a grid (though it did move smoothly between them.) The similarities don’t end there. Like Diablo 1, the maps seem to be procedurally generated, so every time you play, you get a new map to play with, including new item drops, new locations for enemies and of course, new surprises. That they have managed to create maps on the fly, on a phone is something worth appreciating.

The spell system here is quite different from the usual point and click affair. You pick up scrolls which contain instructions for spells in runes. You have to remember them, and then when you are confronted with an enemy, bring up the spell screen, and invoke the spell by tapping those runes in order.


The Dungeon Caster Spell casting screen. Tap the runes in the correct order to cast a spell. Wingardium Leviosa is not supported.

As I can testify, remembering the exact shape of runes while a zombie is chomping off what little health you have left is no mean feat (I’m no Hermione). Failure is rewarded with this:


Here lies Teddy, slayer of 11 foes. Hey! No jokes about my character’s name.

On the inventory screen, you have your usual suspects – the weapons and the slots. I did not immediately understand what the vital statistics were saying. Heart is health. What are the ones that look like lightning, a stomach, and a river? The XP bar is also unlabeled. As I kept playing, their meanings became clear: you pick up a bottle of water, drink it and find that the river is your hydration level. Very well done. Next time I feel thirsty, I will just imagine the river in my stomach has gone dry. Speaking of stomachs, that symbol stands for hunger. “You need to find food” reminds the on-screen message. [So do I, please stand by while I get dinner...]

The game did crash on me once.. and it managed to recover from a previous checkpoint. When your character dies.. the game saves automatically, which didn’t make too much sense to me.
Overall though, I spent a very enjoyable, eerie time with Dungeon Stalker. Go check it out.
Direct link to Dungeon Stalker on Zune. (Avg customer rating 3/5).
Dungeon Stalker on Marketplace Browser, on Facebook.

WP7 Game Review: Slice and Throw

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games in the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Line up with some cutting edge graphics and different types of levels. The only thing which would distract some users from the game is the Price Tag, since the same game is available for 0.99$ over Android Market.
Well if you are not willing to pay that extra buck for the Original Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 7, Slice and Throw is just what you need to replenish your hunger for the game.

Slice and Throw looks and works deceptively similar to Fruit Ninja. Talking about the gameplay which is quite an easy one so that even a newbie in these kinds of games can get acclimatized to this game ,the gameplay is a cross between Fruit Ninja and those Whack-a-Monty type games. So here you get to swipe your fingers to slice the Scrolls and whack the Fans, darts and other obstacles with the Ninja Stars and yes there are Bombs and red scrolls which should be avoided (hitting or slicing it would eventually lose a life).The background music is pretty good ,but at times sounds a bit louder(i personally prefer to reduce the volume to play the game).

The updated version of the game now allows a new game mode, now it supports the Arcade Mode. The classic mode has the 10 levels with difficulty increasing as the game progresses. Arcade Mode adds spice to the classic version, with 90 seconds time limit to slice the combo’s of Scrolls and hit the darts and Fans, activating the Ninja Mode which allows us to utilize the Multi touch inputs, so you can whack the obstacles with multiple Stars simultaneously.

Be it any mode the gameplay itself is a fast paced one ,so it doesn’t matter if you play Classic or the Arcade mode, but yes the Arcade mode does feel a bit more faster and funny courtesy the Multi Touch 
gameplay and the time limit.

The game’s graphics cannot be compared to Fruit Ninja by any means, but then again you just can’t expect much from a Free Game(that too non Xbox Live title). It has a good replay value, you can challenge your friends worldwide with the worldwide leaderboard which is updated regularly. With some more levels to watch out for in the upcoming updates, this  surely is a must have game for all the Windows Phone 7 users out there.

Our Verdict : 4/5 (I would’ve given it a 3,but +1 for the Worldwide leaderboard and the added multi touch support in the updated version).

Download Now: Slice and Throw