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Forward Contact : App Review

I have a problem with Smartphone OSes. They do all the things in the world, except what they should do. I usually get into organizing lots of events and at times I have to send across contacts to my team members. My Nokia N73 had the option to forward the contact as a Business Card to anyone. An option, I miss in my HTC HD7 .

And so when Nirmit , who also writes for Windows Phone Sauce told me about his app – I was excited to try it out. Forward Contact is an app, that lets you forward details of your Contacts to someone via Messaging or Email . Now this was something, I was waiting for . And Forward Contact does this pretty well .

All you have to do is Select the contact – Choose how you want to send the Contact and Bingo ! You are done . Another cool feature ( that I totally Love ) is that the  app lets me generate QR Code of a certain contact !

Thanks a ton, Nirmit – for this app ! You guys go and download this app here ( Mango Only ) while I forward the cute chick’s number to Nirmit.


WP7 NoDo Compared to WP7 Mango (Part 4)

One of the most unique features included alongside Windows Phone's debut into the world of consumers was it's in-depth integration of Facebook into the the OS itself. No longer needing to navigate into and through a 3rd Party App, features like updating your status or posting on someone's wall could be done without leaving the confines phone's native software. Well, just like they say, good things only get bettter, and so it is with the Mango update coming this Fall.
Take a look at Part 4 of the Windows Phone 7 to Mango comparison videos for a closer look at some of the new features brought to the plate for the "People," "Me," and the new "Groups" tiles.

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