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Realtime Barcode Scanning comes to Windows Phone Mango via Quickmark

Cross platform developer Quickmark have shown off a video of an updated version of their barcode scanning software Quickmark which features realtime scanning. The new version, which will be coming for Mango devices will make the scanning process one step shorter coz unlike the previous versions, there will be no need to click a picture of the code, the app will detect the codes straightaway.
Though Bing will sport barcode scanning in Mango, the extra databases which the app ccan access will be helpful in avoiding the ‘No info’ messages you get when scanning products from outside the USA. You can download the current version of Quickmark Lite here.


Microsoft Releases Social ToDo App : Dotastic

Microsoft has released another app to its ever-growing marketplace, titled Dotastic. The Dotastic domain has had a ‘coming soon’ splash page up since Microsoft bought it in June 2011, and today the app is available for you to download. The app is basically a social todo list where you challenge your friends to finish their lists and earn points. Here’s the official description :

Dotastic is a fun way to challenge your friends and help each other get things done. Earn points for completing tasks and compete with your friends to be at the top of the leaderboard. Incentives and social pressure helps you stay motivated as you complete your tasks and share your achievements with everyone.

Weirdly enough, the marketplace screenshot shows an iOS like bar at the bottom, though the rest of the UI seems Metro enough. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Japan Getting Toshiba-Fujitsu’s First Mango Device In August

Nikkei, a Japanese news agency is reporting that Fujitsu-Toshiba will be launching their first Windows Phone Mango device sometime in August. The device, IS12T (Toshiba-Fujitsu TSI12), will be released via the KDDI network.
The mobile was also leaked in early March via Newstrider, it was said that it would feature a Qualcomm MSM8655 chipset and come with Windows Phone 7 and had passes FCC and Bluetooth clearance.

KDDI (au) will be releasing a new product based on Microsoft Corp. (MS) new smartphone OS “Windows Phone 7” towards the end of August. Windows Phone 7 is the first full-fledged smartphone OS from Microsoft, and the product would be the first of KDDI in Japan. Microsoft will provide free services such as cloud data storage, aiming to catch up with Google smartphone OS to the Japanese market.
New models of KDDI “IS12T” is manufactured by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications. Waterproof with a 3.7-inch LCD screen, the price is expected to be around 30000-40000 JPY (USD $380 – $505). The phone will be jointly announced with KDDI within this month.

The August release is definitely surprising but the handset is only releasing in Japanese markets for now, there us no word to indicate its launch elsewhere.


Microsoft Licenses Pointing-Based Mobile Local Search and Augmented Reality from GeoVector

Microsoft has signed a licensing agreement with GeoVector corporation which ‘gives Microsoft rights to use concepts covered by GeoVector’s patents.’ GeoVector Corp held the actual ‘Augemented Reality’ patent and the license will help Microsoft to expand the spatial, pointing-based and Augmented Reality capabilities of Windows Phone (and make you sci-fi dreams come true, just kidding). Its a non-exclusive deal, but unlike other platforms the integration will likely be by Microsoft itself and not 3rd party solutions.

Mango isn’t even out for everyone and we can already start making out wishlist of features for Windows Phone 8.

Google+ now Accessible on Windows Phone Via IE

So what if the Google + app coming to windows phone was a red herring, a false piece of information from an unofficial blog with a blogger logo. Google +ers with Windows Phone handsets, worry not for El Goog has solved your problem.

My, My! What do we have here?

Until now if you had navigated to an incompatibility notice would have left you disheartened. But Google has fixed this by enabling compatibility with IE browser that is present after the NoDo update.

Now, if you had mango it would be a totally different ball game as IE9 is recognized as a PC browser and no google service would be inaccessible.

Let’s see who has the last laugh

Unfortunately the Google site still calls the NoDo IE as Windows Mobile. If the ever-growing Market Place (25,000 apps in 7months) are not reason enough to consider Windows Phone as a threat to Android’s dominance to Google then I guess it’s Mango that’ll leave them shivering in their boots.

Source: wpcentral

Official Google+ App for Windows phone coming next week! (Update: Not really)

Google+ is all over the internet right now. I am not one of the guys who are ' thoroughly enjoying the unique social network ' but there are more than 10 million (mostly passive, I guess) users on Google+ who are supposedly having a lot of fun and it supposedly has the potential to give Facebook the fight of it's life. We'll see about that. For a social network to work, Google isn't really the best when it comes to Social networks, availability on multiple platforms is the most important aspect to reach a wider global audience. Facebook launched a Java application this week, which targets millions of 'dumbphones' users who didn't have native application until now. Facebook has set foot on every mobile platform imaginable. To go neck to neck with Facebook, Google launched iOS application this week and now they are planning to release Windows phone 7 application next week.

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WP7 NoDo Compared to WP7 Mango (Part 4)

One of the most unique features included alongside Windows Phone's debut into the world of consumers was it's in-depth integration of Facebook into the the OS itself. No longer needing to navigate into and through a 3rd Party App, features like updating your status or posting on someone's wall could be done without leaving the confines phone's native software. Well, just like they say, good things only get bettter, and so it is with the Mango update coming this Fall.
Take a look at Part 4 of the Windows Phone 7 to Mango comparison videos for a closer look at some of the new features brought to the plate for the "People," "Me," and the new "Groups" tiles.

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New Samsung WP7 Phone has front facing Camera

At the WPC – 2011, Microsoft demoed a Samsung Windows Phone 7 running the Mango Developer Beta. Manan Kakkar grabbed this screenshot of the phone.

Now this opens up a lot of possibilities . All those rumors about Video Chatting coming to Mango seem to be true. The question however is, Will Microsoft include Skype as a separate app or will they integrate it with Messenger and XBL ? . The Possibilities are endless for Microsoft. But with the Video Calling, Looks like Microsoft is ready to give a tough fight to Apple’s Facetime feature. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section !

Nokia’s Windows Phone Marketing Campaign to Cost £80 Million

We already know that Nokia is on track to release its first Windows Phone mobile later this year and that they will be launching in Europe first. The Finnish giant is also gonna start a huge 6 month campaign to promote its migration to the Windows Phone platform and its overturn its public image as it (finally) leaves Symbian.
The campaign is being created by a number of ad agencies all over the world and will cost the company around£80 Million. Nokia, whose Symbian sales have lagging behind other manufacturers with better more modern OSs, is looking forward to turning the tide when its Windows Phone devices launch this Christmas.


Iraq Team Hawk Makes App for Refugees in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

The Imagine Cup is always a platform for bright minds to show their creativity, and with Windows Phone added to the competition recently it has only gotten more awesome for us.

This year, Team Hawk from Iraq, a finalist in the Cup have made a Windows Phone app for easily registering and tracking refugees. The trio’s app helps refugees get registered and become official and get aid because they are considered non-existent until they are. Its better than paperwork which is slow, cumbersome and has high chances of getting damage. Their app stores all the data in a secure server which can be accessed with login credentials.

You can vote for them for the People’s Choice Award. Find a video interview of the trio below :