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[Rumor]Samsung interested in buying Nokia? [Apparently so is Facebook]

It isn’t too often that we cover financial rumors on wpsauce, because we know our readers want financial facts versus speculation. Now color us stunned at this rumor, but Samsung MAY BE loading it’s proverbial guns to shoot down Microsoft and fully purchase Nokia. Your mouth hit the floor yet? Good so did mine!

Nokia is in dire straits, that’s a fact. Despite it’s Lumia line and the idea of the Nokia 808 Pureview, sales have been lacklaster for the once king of the mobile industry. The current king, Samsung, now may want to purchase the troubled company above the price the company goes for now (about $18 billion versus the $11 billion the company goes for now). In lieu of the rumor, Nokia stock prices have gone up considerably.

If your mouth hasn’t dropped yet, it also seems that facebook is also interested in Nokia as well to fuel Zuckerberg’s plans for a facebook phone (and not the HTC chacha)

Think about that for a moment. Samsung and Nokia? Granted not many people think it’ll really happen, but consider the possibilities for Windows Phone if it did. You know, just saying.

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Windows Phone 8 Apollo - 1L - Start Screen A

Windows Phone 8 : A detailed concept by Neowin

We know that sometime this fall, probably in late fall, Microsoft is going to launch Windows Phone 8. There have been a couple of leaks and we do know that WP8 will support more resolutions, multi-core processors and so on but there’s still a lot left for speculation. So, Andy Weir from Neowin has written a pretty detailed post on what Windows Phone 8 might have.

Weir’s vision of the next iteration of the platform is pretty extensive and details on a lot of stuff ranging from an enhanced Start screen with advanced tile management and customization features to enhanced connectivity and multitasking to transitions to Microsoft account and the Xbox brand. Most of the suggested features and improvements are great and point to areas where Microsoft needs to work on in its OS but most of the design in Neowin’s slides is flawed. It deviates from the Metro design language, looks cluttered and some of the buttons and text is too small to be usable/readable.
Still, it’s a great effort. I hope the guys at Redmond take notice because even though a lot of the work on Apollo is probably done by now, there are some good ideas here.

Checkout the full article on Neowin.


Meet the Samsung Focus 2, a rose named Mandel

Earlier this year, Paul Thurrott and others reported three LTE devices were coming down the pike for Windows Phone on the AT&T US network. We’ve seen two of them (in the Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II), but there was always supposed to be a third: this elusive Samsung Mandel device. We’ve heard some leaks, some rumors, and it has even struck a pose showing its white back. Alas, we thought that device was going to meet the likes of other devices for Windows Phone that were never to be released (like that Sony one). But ‘lo and behold, in the midst of the HTC One X announcement, we have the Samsung Focus 2, or the Samsung Mandel.

The device matches several of the leaked images (that sexy white back) and it still fits some of the FCC filing reports as well. But Microsoft touts the device as a an amalgam between the Samsung Focus Flash (which we loved) with the sleekness the Samsung Focus S. Specs pin this device in the lower tier like the Samsung Focus Flash, but it offers some nice things that even we could not predict:

  • 4″ Super Amoled display
  • 8 GB non expandable storage
  • 5 MP rear camera
  • VGA front facing camera
  • LTE of course

The Samsung Focus 2 will retail for about $50 on a two year contract. If this does anything, it does throw a curveball into the expected naming strategy of the new Windows Phone Apollo device that has some eerie similarities to the Galaxy S III. But does a name really matter? The major question is, who is going to get the Focus 2?

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Samsung: We have a plan for Windows Phone – beat Nokia

The relationship between Samsung and Windows can’t seem to get any better in the eyes of the two companies. However, users often complain that Samsung Windows Phones are uninspiring and rehashes of notable Samsung Android devices. Despite the belief held by die hard winbois, Samsung vows to release a crop of new Windows Phones. We previously broke the announcement of a GS III variant running Windows Phone Apollo, but what else does Samsung have up its sleeve?

According to an executive at Samsung:

Microsoft still has a big installed PC base and there are a lot of Windows applications out there that consumers want to get on a portable device. Windows 8 allows us to deliver across multiple devices

My source tells me that because of the drastic changes in the Windows Phone 8 OS, Samsung will be able to use the Galaxy S III’s faster processor, bigger and higher resolution display and of course, LTE, which will make swapping over specs into a Windows Phone device

In addition to providing those detail, the executive goes on to say that a phablet offering (mimicking that of the Galaxy Note) is also coming down the pike (though we’re not clear whether the phablet is running Windows or Windows Phone). Finally, for the Windows fans, a Windows slate is coming. More than likely, the slate is going to be an updated model of the Series 7 Slate running IvyBridge and updated specs. We can only hope this time, we have a keyboard dock with that Series 7 slate update.

If there is anything that is clear from the executive, it is the fact that Samsung does not want to be left in Nokia’s dust. This could generate some very good devices. I mean, while the design of the GS III can be considered uninspiring to some, imagine that running Windows Phone for a moment with an HD display. Or a Galaxy Note running Windows of any variety? Salivating yet? I am. But what about everyone else? Ready for a Windows Phone Phablet, a GSIII running Windows Phone, and whatever else Samsung is throwing? Let us know!

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Class action lawsuit against Nokia seeks to divorce Windows Phone and Nokia marriage [UPDATE] Nokia strikes back

A lot of people (both in the United States and Finland) have placed a lot of hope on Nokia’s choice of transitioning to Windows Phone. Who wouldn’t in lieu of Elop’s famed burning platform speech creating an essential need for Windows Phone to save Nokia from itself. The terms of the marriage between the big giants are simple:

[Adopting] This Windows platform would halt its deteriorating position in the smartphone market

It’s been a year since the marriage has been announced, and about six months since the two companies became married. In that time, Nokia has seen the lowest global market share it has ever seen since the company has been established. To many, that is a large criticism of the Nokia x Windows Phone marriage because it didn’t halt Nokia’s debilitating position. It hastened it. It hastened the market so much that a lawsuit is looming based on charges of fraud.

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP announced a class action lawsuit on behalf of the purchasers of Nokia Corporation that charges Nokia and its directors with direct violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The firm argued that the hastening of Nokia’s debilitating market share is in direct violation of the terms of the Microsoft merger. In addition, the glitches and issues of the Lumia 900, leading to a temporary period of free devices, is costing Nokia money. The group hopes to recover damages on behalf of purchasers of Nokia.

So what does everyone think? Is there a case? I believe there is a very strong case, but I’ll hold off my thoughts for later. Tell me what you think.


Nokia vows to fight the charges:

Nokia has become aware of the filing of a securities class action complaint naming Nokia Corporation as a defendant, filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on May 3, 2012. Nokia is reviewing the allegations contained in the complaint and believes that they are without merit. Nokia will defend itself against the complaint.

See the full press release in source 2.

via: yahoo finances

source 1: Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd
source 2: Nokia

nokia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 coming to Canadian carrier WIND on May 3 for $259 outright

Any WIND customers out there want their hands on the latest Nokia Lumia? No it’s not the 900, but it is the Lumia 710. For the people that pre-ordered the Lumia 710, the device will be available tomorrow May 3, 2012 for $259 unlocked. For those customers that want to pair up a plan with the Lumia 710, the Lumia 710 will push ya back about $99 on WINDtab with WIND25 monthly plan and for free on the WIND40 monthly plan.

So, whose gonna snatch this up? $259 is extremely reasonable to us. Let us know if you’re going to buy.

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Two minor but noteworthy Marketplace changes

Microsoft has announced a couple of changes to the working of the  Windows Phone Marketplace that are pretty minor, but worth noting.

First, the Zune desktop software won’t be your portal to browse & install apps on your Windows Phone. It has to be done either in the phone or via a web browser. All the OS updates will be delivered via Zune, though. Microsoft says that the majority of users download/install apps in the phone itself or the web browser which is easily accessible via a Mac or a PC. You can check out the Windows Phone web marketplace here.

Second, Microsoft will also be requiring Windows Phone devices to run Windows Phone 7.5 to download, update or rate apps. Microsoft has done a fantastic job of ensuring that every Windows Phone device sold to date gets the update. So, if you haven’t updated your device yet (You’re crazy if you haven’t), do it. There are more than 500 new features in the new release that I’m sure you’d want to check out. You can update your device to the latest version of Windows Phone by following these steps.

Microsoft seems to be focusing on things that will matter in the future & eliminating stuff that is not that necessary. It seems that Microsoft is putting all of it’s engineering effort & resources towards feature improvements & additions.  A good thing, indeed.


HTC Titan II owners – is yours overheating?

The HTC Titan II, the second LTE device released on AT&T with the Nokia Lumia 900, is an incredible device with its massive 16 mp camera and 4.7 in. super LCD display. But does the Titan II suffer from issues like it’s brother in the HTC Titan I? Maybe

Over at reddit, tonyg623 noticed some overheating issues in the Titan II:

Hi all,
I really didn’t see any news articles about this issue,so figured I’d post about my experience.
I ended up getting a Titan ii last week. The phone is great and I really am enjoying it..
However, I was playing with it last night and it shut off out of no where. I think I was just on the home screen. After it shut off the phone got burning hot and then decided to not turn back on. There’s no way that the battery is dead because I just took it off the charger.

I can report some similar experiences of overheating both with the Titan II and the HTC One S. Is anyone else with a Titan II having some strange overheating issues? Let us know!

source: reddit


Control major appliances in your home with domcontroller

The idea of using a remote control to power on and off electronics is a luxury most people have. The ability to use your smartphone to control items in your house is a logical next step that users have seen on platforms since the Windows Mobile days. And while Android, iOS, and even to a smaller extent Windows Phone provides users with control of some elements in your home, wouldn’t you like a bit more control? Worry not, Julien Schapman, creator of TouchXperience and a bevy of other tools for Windows Phone has started developing domcontroller. The program’s goal is admirable – real time control of your home from any computer, tablet, remote control, or smartphone that has access to the world wide web. In addition, the user can get notification if something goes awry. We are definitely watching this project with bated breath, but if you must see how the project is shaping up, hit up the source link.

image provided by domcontroller

Is this something you’re waiting for? Let us know.

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OEM and carrier customization coming to Apollo? Maybe

One of the major joys that Windows Phone users can boast is the stock experience that is prevalent on all Windows Phone devices. However, OEMs may be frustrated with the lack of customization and differentiation among Windows Phones. To appease the OEMs from their dissatisfaction, some restrictions may be loosensed. According to netbooknews, Microsoft is holding a summit in Reading, UK to discuss not only customization and differentiation, but also other tidbits for Windows Phone Apollo. The topics for discussion include:

  • Apollo Review
  • Windows Phone Schedules and release plans/processes
  • Customization and Differentiation opportunities
  • New Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities
  • Feature review of Windows Phone Apollo
  • Connectivity and APN management
  • Better together with Windows 8 (we think a push to connect Apollo to Windows 8 creating synergy

Admittedly, the news comes as a shock. But maybe, just maybe, Microsoft could be taking the first steps to proactively move Windows Phone beyond the 6th ecosystem worldwide. I want customization and differentiation and as I indicated previously it is a stance that ultimately carriers also want. I admit that if it does lead to differentiation, let’s not think of it in a negative way. If it is metro, low on RAM, and low on battery, why does it have to be an ugly cacophony that cripples the overall user experience?

Think about that for a minute and let us know if you favor customization and differentiation if it is metro ui compliant, low on RAM and battery.

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