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Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide – App Preview

Much as the name suggests, Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide is a WP7.5, Mango-enabled app that chronicles the many transformations that occur throughout the hit anime series Dragon Ball, as well as its sequels, Z and GT. Within the app, find loads of high quality images, and in depth information regarding each transformation, including first appearances in both the anime series, as well as the original manga!

This app categorizes transformations by character set. Currently available character sets include Saiyan, Freeza, Cell, Buu, and new to version 1.5: Fusions!

App also includes tap-to-zoom images!

Be sure to check this app out for the fantastic price of FREE, and rate it if you like it. Also, you can e-mail the creator (that’s me) directly from the app itself, and include any suggestions you might have or like to see implemented.


Meet the Samsung Focus 2, a rose named Mandel

Earlier this year, Paul Thurrott and others reported three LTE devices were coming down the pike for Windows Phone on the AT&T US network. We’ve seen two of them (in the Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II), but there was always supposed to be a third: this elusive Samsung Mandel device. We’ve heard some leaks, some rumors, and it has even struck a pose showing its white back. Alas, we thought that device was going to meet the likes of other devices for Windows Phone that were never to be released (like that Sony one). But ‘lo and behold, in the midst of the HTC One X announcement, we have the Samsung Focus 2, or the Samsung Mandel.

The device matches several of the leaked images (that sexy white back) and it still fits some of the FCC filing reports as well. But Microsoft touts the device as a an amalgam between the Samsung Focus Flash (which we loved) with the sleekness the Samsung Focus S. Specs pin this device in the lower tier like the Samsung Focus Flash, but it offers some nice things that even we could not predict:

  • 4″ Super Amoled display
  • 8 GB non expandable storage
  • 5 MP rear camera
  • VGA front facing camera
  • LTE of course

The Samsung Focus 2 will retail for about $50 on a two year contract. If this does anything, it does throw a curveball into the expected naming strategy of the new Windows Phone Apollo device that has some eerie similarities to the Galaxy S III. But does a name really matter? The major question is, who is going to get the Focus 2?

via: Windows Phone Blog

nokia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 coming to Canadian carrier WIND on May 3 for $259 outright

Any WIND customers out there want their hands on the latest Nokia Lumia? No it’s not the 900, but it is the Lumia 710. For the people that pre-ordered the Lumia 710, the device will be available tomorrow May 3, 2012 for $259 unlocked. For those customers that want to pair up a plan with the Lumia 710, the Lumia 710 will push ya back about $99 on WINDtab with WIND25 monthly plan and for free on the WIND40 monthly plan.

So, whose gonna snatch this up? $259 is extremely reasonable to us. Let us know if you’re going to buy.

via: WIND

ZTE and Nokia focussed on bringing Windows Phone devices to lower price points.

ZTE Corporation has released it’s second device running Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, the ZTE Orbit. The ZTE Orbit joins the ZTE Tania in the compaines’s portfolio of Windows Phone devices.

The ZTE Orbit runs the latest version of Wndows Phone and comes with 4GB of flash memory, HD Voice and a 5MP autofocus camera with an LED flash. The device will be available in Q2 of 2012.
If you missed it, the ZTE Tania was ZTE’s first device running Windows Phone. It’s a sleek device measuring just 10.7mm in depth, has 4GB of flash storage, a big 4.3 inch WVGA display and a 1GHz processor. The ZTE Tania will be available in stores in the UK in early April at tariff points in the £10-20 range.

It’s pretty clear that ZTE is targeting the mass market with it’s lower end Windows Phone devices.
Nokia also announced the Nokia Lumia 610, the fourth device in the Nokia Lumia family of Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 610 is a low-end device targetting a larger group of people. Nokia says that the 610 would be perfect for a person as his/her first smartphone. It has a 3.7 inch gorilla glass display, 800MHz processor, 256MB of RAM & a 5MP camera. Nokia seems to be pretty focussed on bringing it’s Windows Phone lineup to all kinds of price points.

Targeting a broader audience is key for the success of any platform. This is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone Tango, an updated version of Mango lowering the system requirements for bringing Windows Phone devices to lower price points.
What do you think? Is this the right way to go or is Microsoft going backwards?

Source: Businesswire


Multiple attachments for SMS update coming soon to all Windows Phone devices

We did not see this coming. LaptopMagazine is reporting that Windows Phone users will soon be receiving an OTA update that will improve the SMS capabilities of Windows Phone mango devices. As of now, you can only attach one picture in your MMS. Now you can add multiple photos(with captions), video and voicenote  – all in one text with the new update.
Here’s the new feature in action:

Lumia 610 will come with this feature by default. So is this upcoming OTA update essentially Windows Phone Tango update? We’ll know soon enough. Update is supposed to be pushed after the launch of Lumia 610

Source: LaptopMag


HTC Arrive HSPL released

This is a bit of a shock. For the many users that are carrying around the HTC Arrive on the Sprint network, there is some fantastic news. The Arrive, much like its other HTC first generation brethren, are now fully unlocked thanks to the HSPL release. Per usual, this may ruin your warranty, bla bla bla, and if your phone heats on fire in the process, no one here at wpsauce is responsible. If you want to know the feeling of true interop unlock, go to the source.


Thanks Bryan for the tip!


Lumia 610 is real and headed to MWC

Remember the Nokia 610 rumor rumor we posted yesterday and our obvious skepticism about the authenticity of the device? If you don’t remember that, the device is expected to be on the lower end scale offering hardware specs from a few years ago running Windows Phone Tango. According to liveside the device has passed through Indonesia certified testing, while bringing some new details about the Lumia 610. The device is expected to be GSM and supporting the 900/1800 frequency and the WCDMA 2100 bands. Luckily the device will have standard bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. There is however no word on pricing and it is expected that the Lumia 610 will fully debut at MWC in a matter of weeks.


Nokia Lumia 610 confirmed

Nokia Lumia 610 confirmed

via: liveside Source: Postel


Windows Phone in 2011, how did it fare?

The year 2011 has become a distant memory to many of us as we enter the middle of February 2012. However, the 2011 worldwide smart phone numbers are still important because the numbers can indicate a lot about platform performance and market perception. Of course, as we all know, 2011 was ruled by Apple’s iOS platform and Google Android. But in a sea of several different smartphones vying for number 1, how did Windows Phone do in its sophomore year with Nokia backing?

Communities Dominate owner Tomi Ahonen, former 3G Business Consultant and head of Nokia’s Global 3G provides some very interesting statistics regarding how Windows Phone performed worldwide. From what it appears, Windows Phone has moved considerably beyond the now defunct Windows Mobile with a 5 million operating system market share increasing its OS market share from 2 million in 2010. Similarly, the Windows Phone OS base has also increased from 2 million in 2010 to 7 million in 2011.

While the averages note growth in the Windows Phone brand, not only in beating Windows Mobile, but creating market presence, Windows Phone is still at 1% market share with other brands (such as Android and Apple) dominating the global smart phone market. Placing this further in perspective, with all of the issues Blackberry has and the phasing out of Symbian by Nokia, their market share engulfs the Windows Phone market share and global reach astronomically. Overall, while the news shows growth in Windows Phone, Microsoft has a long way to go to truly be considered a dominant force in the smartphone wars.

In light of the news, tell us what you think about the estimated global numbers of Windows Phone. If you want to see how it truly stacks against other smartphone OSes, hit up the source link below. In fact, I highly recommend viewing the source link.

source: communities dominate


Rumor: Nokia Lumia 730 at MWC?

Oh Nokia, you have a way of not keeping mum about future devices at major tech events. First it was the Lumia 800 announcement ahead of schedule followed by the Lumia 900 leaked in a similar fashion. So, what’s the next round of leaks for MWC? That leak comes in the package of the Nokia Lumia 730. According to WPDang, the Finnish handset maker is poised to announce a device that is:

Similar in specifications with the Lumia 710 and will not sport the Clear Black Display and polycarbonate casing. However, the device will come pre-loaded with Tango…while supporting LTE and CDMA networks…the phone will have capacitive buttons on the front and will be a bit larger with an 8 MP EDOF camera. The device is expected to be priced similar to the 710 and will launch in European markets first.

A lot to be said about the rumor. It definitely makes the Lumia 730 information on wpbench accurate, and if the specs are true, it should make for an interesting device. Though, we’re not totally keen on the rumored EDoF camera, however everything else sounds very interesting. But this is a rumor, and remember it as a rumor until MWC later this month. If the rumor is true, is this a device that is on your list?

via: Liveside source: wpdang


Accelerometer disabler revamped for all devices

A short time ago, windowsphonehacker Jaxbot released an app called accelerometer disabler that was limited to only Samsung and LG devices. After a bit of time, he has released a totally revamped accelerometer disabler that is available to any device running Windows Phone! This also means no interop unlock and you don’t have to reboot your device to get the accelerometer to work again. Just a quick slide toggle and you can rotate to your hearts desire. If you want to take a look and download, click on the source link for full details and let us know what you think!

source: windowsphonehacker