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Remote screen capture for Windows phone (Homebrew)

We previously covered On Device screen shot from XDA user Finnix. Now a developer from China has created a homebrew solution which enables real time remote screen capturing capability between PC and your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Hacker has more information on this:

 The application is relatively simple: download the ZIP that contains both the phone and desktop applications. Then, deploy the phone application, and enable Jaxbot’s dehydration hack. After that, connect your phone to your computer, run the desktop server, and enter your computer’s IP address. Voila, your computer will now display whatever content is displayed on your phone, and you can use a screen recorder of your choice from this point on.

Click here to download the zip file.  

WPH Task Viewer for Windows Phone lets you display running processes and memory consumption (HomeBrew)

XDA user, Jaxbot, an active member of the Windows Phone homebrew community has released a task viewer application that let’s you view background threads, see how much memory the processes are occupying thus giving gives you an idea of how various applications handle memory which is essential requirement for  power users and developers alike. Mind you, it’s a task viewer not a task manager so you cannot add / kill processes at the moment.

Here is a complete list of features :

  • Displays memory load and total physical memory
  • Displays device uptime
  • Lists all running processes
  • Displays a message over the current application with memory load information upon pressing VolUp+VolDown (dehydration hack must be enabled)

Watch the application in action below :

If you have a developer unlocked phone, download the application from here.

Deploy this app  to your device and let us know what you think. 

Project ‘ Let’s Jailbreak NoDo ‘ aims to unofficially developer unlock devices running NoDo

Everybody remembers Chevron unlocker which provided a simple way for users to developer unlock their device and sideload applications to their devices without paying the 99$ registration fees. Sadly, the void / security hole that led to the hack was fixed in the NoDo update and consequently the flourishing and growing homebrew community suddenly came to a standstill. XDA Forums user, Jaxbot, started a thread on XDA Forums today commencing the Project ‘ Let’s jailbreak NoDo ‘.

The aim of the project is to ” jailbreak ” or unlock your Windows phone 7 device running NoDo unofficially. Read more about his project here

Hope we some progress in this thread, we will keep if you updated if we find something useful. Homebrew community is something that plays a significant role in the growth of the platform and looks like the WP7 community hasn’t given up yet. Let’s see what those bright and talented people at XDA come up with.