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Add Dynamic Images to your Windows Phone Lockscreen with Dynamic Background (HomeBrew)

WindowsPhoneHacker is at it again and this time he has something which is a much requested feature – dynamic lockscreen. WPHacker’s Dynamic Background application lets you add dynamic images to your lockscreen which is infinitely better than a static lockscreen you get. Dynamic Background let’s you use Bing background on your lockscreen which will update automatically everyday or create your own custom slideshow by stacking up a bunch of images from your phone’s local storage which updates automatically every 30 minutes.Very nifty.

Here’s a video demo:

Unfortunately, unless you have flashed a custom ROM to your Windows Phone device, you will not be able to deploy your application. So if you have a device with custom ROM, hit the link below to download the xap right now. Also, let the developer know your feedback.

Dynamic Background for Windows Phone


Folders for Windows Phone updated to look like native feature, coming soon to Homebrew community

Folders for Windows Phone, a homebrew development Project by WPHacker, has been taken to the next level. First reported in October, Folders hack for Windows Phone initially allowed you to create on device folders or groups with each group consisting of numerous applications and finally you can pin any group to the home screen. Sounds perfect, right? Right but there was a catch. You had to deploy applications via a software on your PC. Cumbersome, yes. But now there’s been a breakthrough. You no longer need a software to deploy applications. You can now add both system apps and marketplace apps on the device from the application itself. Homebrew apps cannot be added at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to play with the new build, yet. Watch the video below to see the application in action:


Read more about the Project here: Folders for Windows Phone


Atari7800 Windows Phone

Atari 7800 Emulator coming soon to Windows Phone marketplace

Popular .NET Atari 7800 Emulator, EMU7800, is coming soon to Windows Phone marketplace according to the release note (discovered by Nuduaa, creator of NES emulator VNESlight) on SourceForge. Atari 7800 never really gained NES like commercial success which also means that very limited number of games were released for the platform (complete list here). But one reason why 7800 was partially a commerical success was due to the backward compatibility with the popular Atari 2600. So you can play your favorite Atari 2600 games on the emulator as well.

EMU7800 developer Mike Murphy jotted down two points in the v1.0 changelog:

  • Custom binary serialization necessary for the Windows Phone platform.
  • Initial Windows Phone release to Windows Phone Marketplace.

Instead of going the homebrew route, Mike is releasing the emulator in the marketplace. Great news for retro gaming fans. Emu7800 will be the second emulator (if it passed the certification) to be available in the marketplace after VNesLight  (my favorite Windows Phone app).

We will keep you updated on the availability. Stay tuned for more.

h/t : Nuduaa



First Interop unlock goes live for Nokia’s Windows Phone devices

XDA’s Windows Phone hacker supremo HeathCliff has done it again. Apparently, he has found an exploit which lets you enable interop unlock on your already developer unlocked or chevron unlocked Nokia devices. Remember, this is the first and only interop unlock solution for Nokia devices so use at your own risk. This is just the first step to make Nokia get neck to neck with other OEMs which already have interop unlock solution available on XDA.

If you have a Nokia device, please make sure you back up before you try this. Since this is a HeathCliff hack, I suggest you try it as soon as possible because there’s a massive chance that it will successfuly work.

Again, I suggest you backup before you proceed. For download and instruction, hit the source link.

Source: XDA


Battery Status displays your Windows Phone device’s battery health on home screen (HomeBrew)

When Windows Phone Mango’s change log went public – I and several others were disappointed by Microsoft’s decision to ignore pinning of in Setting menus – like Wifi / Bluetooth / Battery / etc. Microsoft solved this issue by providing developers a workaround which produced an array of applications, one of them being ” Instant Access ” from Yours Truly. So the point is – it filled a void. What about battery indicator? Microsoft added a battery saver mode (should be renamed to life saver mode) which is useful but you cannot pin it to home screen and MS didn’t provide any APIs for developers to play with. This is exactly where Homebrew superheroes from XDA come in. XDA user singularity0821 came up with a Battery Status application that lets you see battery status ( to be specific, it shows thepercentage of battery life left) on the live tile. It also plots a graph derived by logging battery status. The application works on all unlocked devices. Team from Chevron labs unveiled Chevron unlock couple of days back offering users a way to unlock their devices for just $9. The homebrew audience is already massive on XDA forums. Now with the Chevron push – homebrew community is going to flourish. Anyways, here’s the link to the xap and more details on the application:

XDA : Battery Status

This application suffers from the live tile 30 minute update limitation (imposed by OS) so if you see 5% battery remaining on the live tile – you better charge it up before it’s too late.

Screen Capture (66)

Take screenshots in Windows Phone without tethering using Screen Capturer

Taking screenshots hasn’t been easy on Windows Phone so far but thanks to a utility called ‘Screen Capturer’ by Jerry Jiang, you can now take screen caps without having to tether your device. The utility requires your device to developer unlocked and has been recently updated to version 3 bringing forth the following changes :

  • Full English version
  • Redesigned UI with Metro interface
  • Use camera button to take screen caps (!)
  • Prevent Capture Task auto run: Capture Task uses BackgroundAgent to run and wait for Camera button event, BackgroundAgent may auto run in some case, enable this option to stop auto capture.
  • The Capture Task duration: How long will the Capture Task run before it stop to accept Camera button event.

The app will help you take screenshots pretty much everywhere except games and video. You can grab v3 of the app from XDA.






vNES Light beta 2 emulator running at 60 fps mode shows buttery smooth gameplay

vNES Light, NES emulator for Windows Phone, has been one of the highlights of work done by the community. In case you didn't know – Microsoft has banned emulators from the marketplace but that doesn't keep away enthusiastic developers from porting emulators to Windows Phone. vNES light Developer Nudua  is hard at work and has been consistently working to improve the performance of the emulator. Mango update has a direct impact on the performance of the application since Mango bumps the 30 FPS restriction to 60 FPS making gameplay 2x smoother. More after the break.

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Homebrew Atari Lynx Emulator running on Windows phone 7 (Video)

We at WPSauce are a big fans of emulators. I have been playing emulators since early 2003-2004 mainly SNES, Nintendo 64, Saturn and then moving on to Play Station games. Android users have had emulators available legally on the marketplace for ages now, apparently – they are being removed now (whoops!) – Windows Phone 7 marketplace guidelines do not allow emulators, no surprise here. But fear not, homebrew community already have three distinct working emulators for you to get your hands on.

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NES emulator for Windows phone in works, beta coming this week (Update: It’s here!)

We reported about the GameBoy emulator, which will be released in couple of days, a few days back. Now we came accross this XDA thread, where Silverlight dev. Nudua is building a NES emulator called VNesLight for Windows Phone 7. He has already ported popular Java NES emulator VNes to Silverlight 4 and is taking it a step further to make it work on Windows phone as well.

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Gameboy emulator coming soon to Windows phone homebrew community (Update: Now Available!)

Samuel Blanchard is hard at work. He is building a Gameboy emulator, called Wario's Jewel 7, for Windows Phone. The application is still under development phase. Current version is 0.4.5 which currently doesn't have audio output and portrait only mode. The developer has stated that the application will be made available to the public "very soon" so keep an eye out for it at official blog. Screenshot and details of emulator in action after the break.

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