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Hydro Thunder Go now available in the Marketplace

Microsoft released the date and pricing of much awaited games from the original ‘ Six Games in Six Weeks ‘ pack some time back. Now, just as they promised – Hydro Thunder Go, XBL Title,  in now available in the marketplace.

Official app description :

This all-new addition to the legendary arcade hit series, Hydro Thunder GO for Windows Phone 7, features amazing dynamic water physics, transformable rocket-powered boats, gorgeous visuals and over-the-top interactive environments.ACTION PACKED ENVIRONMENTSBlast through the 9 specially made Hydro Thunder GO levels filled with spectacular events and challenges; ranging from tropical pirate ship battles to collapsing ice caverns on the arctic circle, from UFO invasions to lost dinosaur islands.TRANSFORMABLE ROCKET-POWERED BOATSChoose your ride from the selection of 12 sleek powerboats and goofball bonus boats, all with their own unique performance and handling, including classics such as Miss Behave, Rad Hazard and Tinytanic.GORGEOUS 3D VISUALSFantastic detailed environments rendered with reflections, dynamic lighting and animations.LIVE ENABLEDEarn bragging rights by competing on the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards, by battling against your friends’ Ghost recordings and by earning Xbox LIVE Achievements.DO THE HYDRO BLAZEAlong with the unlockable bonus boats there is a new Hydro Blaze expert game mode putting your Hydro Thunder skills to the test on a special track.

I am more excited about this game than any other game on the list, sadly – I can’t buy it due to lack of marketplace. But that shouldn’t make you stop -

Grab Hydro Thunder Go for $4.99

Zune Download Link

Remember ‘ 6 games in 6 weeks ‘ ? Yes, all of them are finally coming.

How can you forget the ‘ Six Games in Six weeks ‘ program ? Yes, the one that got endless delays. Finally, in a blog post, Microsoft have revealed the date and pricing of all the six games. Sadly, Angry Birds has been delayed (again!)  but fear not – it’s coming.

List of the games, pricing and availability :

  • Hydro Thunder Go : May 25, for $4.99 
  • Doodle Jump: June 1, for $2.99
  • geo Defense: June 8, for $2.99
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1: June 15, for $6.99
  • Plants v/s Zombies: June 22, for $4.99 
  • Angry Birds: June 29, for $2.99 

Well, the list is definitely worth looking forward to but anybody else besides me feel that the prices are relatively high when compared to other platforms like iOS and Android? Drop in your thoughts.

Pirates Assault, one of the best Tower Defense game on Windows Phone (Video)

Pirates Assault is a game for Windows Phone 7 developed by Dagari Studios. It comes in two flavors – free ( AD supported ) and paid. Pirates assault is a Tower Defense game but with whole new added bonuses to make the gameplay super fun. I myself am a big fan of Tower Defense based games. I have to say, the gameplay is pretty crisp, a bit challenging but like I said, extremely fun.

More about the game :

When you once were a pirate, you and your crew stole lots of treasures from all around the world. Now you belong to a retired crew and you have to protect your treasure from other pirates! Get ready to defend yourself by using all land and water defense weapons at your disposal! Use your device’s accelerometer to trigger the powerful storm attack.
Get Pirates Assault now, a tower defense game with beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, some humor and lots of fun! Submit your score online, and watch other players scores from around the world with daily, weekly and overall leaderboards.

Here is an exceptionally well made trailer featuring game play :

The only problem I have with the game is lack of level. Currently there are just four levels but the developers are working on more so stay tuned for the update.

Tower defense fan? Better not waste time, hit the Zune download link below.

Zune download link for free version 

Zune download link for paid version

Alchemic Phone 7, smartphone version of the classic game Alchemy for Windows Phone

Remember Alchemy? Probably you do. If not, here is a reminder for you. Windows Phone developer Andrea Sabattini has applied the original Alchemy concept to create a delightful game for Windows Phone platform.

Here is what you do in the game  :

You start with 6 elements (no, not just 4) and proceed combining them to form new ones, in order to recreate the entire known world/universe of hundreds of elements.The game already includes 700 discoverable Elements, divided in 18 Realms, but grows substantially with updates and your suggestions. In fact if you have an idea for a combination or feel that two elements should react, the game provides a direct link for the suggestion.

The game is one of  ’ the ‘ most top rated game on the marketplace. If you haven’t tried it out yet. You are missing out. Minecraft fans, where art thou ?

I started playing this game and let me be honest with you, I am hooked. If you encountered some problems like I did initially, there is a World status page which helps you out a lot.

The World Status Page shows the 18 Realms and their discovered elements, also by clicking on an element tile you can see the reactions where it takes part. A scoring system is included (but completely optional, you can enjoy the game ignoring that) where you get big rewards for key elements or unlocking new realms. You can see a few ‘Target’ elements in the scoring help page and a you get a Random Target Element of the day too ! 

Alchemic Phone 7 just received an update couple of days back, here is the change log :

  •  Truckload of new elements and 4 realms. Your suggestions included ! Thanks
  •  Suggestion and hint page, more hints
  •  Target Element of the Day
  •  Smoothness and interface improvements 

Alchemic Phone 7 is available for free ( AD supported ) so make sure you give this game a try, you will not be disappointed.

Zune Download Link

Hunter, an utterly pointless WP7 game gets a price update – available for just 499.99 $

No. The title isn’t a joke. Search the marketplace for a game called ‘ Hunter ‘ by a publisher called KHEDENS. You will notice that the application was released for free initially and now it has been updated to a whopping price of 499.99$ ! Not even a trial version is available which is even more ridiculous.

Application description :

This is a game in which you have gone crazy and have to shoot at bears. No reason why, just do it.

Time to keep your WP7 away from your kids or you might just end up with 500 dollars deducted from your account. Is it worth the price ? I don’t really know. But if you have 500 dollars spare, do tell me more about it.

Another marketplace nuance I noticed some days back is the availability of several ROM search applications which is definitely illegal. So is Microsoft even monitoring the marketplace carefully ? How can a ROM search application slip the radar ?

h/t @NJDevilNYGuy

Manhattan 2020 for Windows Phone 7 now available in the marketplace

Ludibrium Ltd has released their much awaited game Manhattan 2020 in the windows phone marketplace. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Canabalt but frankly this is even more fun because instead of running on the rooftops – you’ll be flying over the rooftops for survival.

Finnish independent game developer Ludibrium Ltd announced today the launch of their first Windows Phone 7 game Manhattan 2020. The game is available world wide for free on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Manhattan 2020 fun and challenging old school 2D arcade flying game featured with awesome pixel graphics. Test your brand new jetpack and fly trough futuristic Manhattan, but watch out for those angry looking birds and other traffic!

Watch the gameplay video below : 

The game will provide countless hours of fun, make sure you give this a try.First impressions : Super fun. Hit the Zune link below to download the game.

Zune Download Link

WP7 Game Review: Slice and Throw

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games in the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Line up with some cutting edge graphics and different types of levels. The only thing which would distract some users from the game is the Price Tag, since the same game is available for 0.99$ over Android Market.
Well if you are not willing to pay that extra buck for the Original Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 7, Slice and Throw is just what you need to replenish your hunger for the game.

Slice and Throw looks and works deceptively similar to Fruit Ninja. Talking about the gameplay which is quite an easy one so that even a newbie in these kinds of games can get acclimatized to this game ,the gameplay is a cross between Fruit Ninja and those Whack-a-Monty type games. So here you get to swipe your fingers to slice the Scrolls and whack the Fans, darts and other obstacles with the Ninja Stars and yes there are Bombs and red scrolls which should be avoided (hitting or slicing it would eventually lose a life).The background music is pretty good ,but at times sounds a bit louder(i personally prefer to reduce the volume to play the game).

The updated version of the game now allows a new game mode, now it supports the Arcade Mode. The classic mode has the 10 levels with difficulty increasing as the game progresses. Arcade Mode adds spice to the classic version, with 90 seconds time limit to slice the combo’s of Scrolls and hit the darts and Fans, activating the Ninja Mode which allows us to utilize the Multi touch inputs, so you can whack the obstacles with multiple Stars simultaneously.

Be it any mode the gameplay itself is a fast paced one ,so it doesn’t matter if you play Classic or the Arcade mode, but yes the Arcade mode does feel a bit more faster and funny courtesy the Multi Touch 
gameplay and the time limit.

The game’s graphics cannot be compared to Fruit Ninja by any means, but then again you just can’t expect much from a Free Game(that too non Xbox Live title). It has a good replay value, you can challenge your friends worldwide with the worldwide leaderboard which is updated regularly. With some more levels to watch out for in the upcoming updates, this  surely is a must have game for all the Windows Phone 7 users out there.

Our Verdict : 4/5 (I would’ve given it a 3,but +1 for the Worldwide leaderboard and the added multi touch support in the updated version).

Download Now: Slice and Throw

Alpha preview of Elbert Perez’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 game (Video)

Elbert Perez, the rockstar WP7 game developer, has uploaded a preview video of his upcoming unnamed game. The gameplay looks extremely fun but kind of a little complex (accelerometer based navigation looks a bit challenging), I can’t really comment much since I haven’t played the game but I can tell you I am definitely playing this game as soon as it is out in the marketplace.

It’s basically a spy hunter clone, but of course with a more modern twist.
Currently working on adding power ups, events (meteor showers, earthquakes, etc …), flying enemies, and environmental effects like rain and night time.

p.s –  It’s like Impossible Shoota on the roads ;)

update : Alpha 2 preview video is out, looks even more intense !

The game will be free and we will keep you updated on the availability