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Windows Phone Marketplace allows game emulators. NES emulator available!

Emulators for Windows Phone have always been available in the Homebrew community but Microsoft hasn’t let them breathe for too long in its marketplace. Seems that has changed with App Hub guidelines now allowing emulators and Developer Nudua tsetsted that by submitting his emulator and got it in.
vNESLight is an NES emulator which comes loaded with two ROMs but users can easily can add more very easily. Its available for free so you can replay those golden oldies on your Windows Phone!


  • Responsive touch controls
  • Easily add your own ROMs from the add games tab (zip file or single roms) via the internet
  • Automatic game save states
  • Experimental real time states
  • About 95% compatibility of games
  • Delete any of your added games
  • Pin any game to the start screen
  • 60 FPS Mode
  • Separate settings for first and second generation phones
  • Frame-skipping option
  • The demo ROMs of Battle Kid 2 and Super Bat Puncher are included

Get the app at the Marketplace.


Halo Way Point fall update for Windows Phone devices previewed, shows unique Xbox 360 sync

Halo Way Point is a Windows Phone exclusive application released as a companion application to the big daddy Console game Halo reach providing game data, milestones, progress and more. Upcoming Fall update lets you create new challenges, accept challenges, view progress and more importantly a brand new feature called  A.T.L.A.S ( Assisted Tactical Assault System) which shows you highly detailed in-game maps. One notable feature, that we’d most certainly see in future XBL titles: 360 and WP7 sync. Fall update will now let you see real time positioning and statistics of you and your teammates straight on your device via ATLAS while you are playing the game on your console. How cool is that? Take a look at the extra ordinary update that’s coming soon to your Windows Phone device :

Angry birds windows phone clone

Angry birds clone for Windows Phone created in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code

I started my journey into Windows Phone development last month (Shameless Plug : search for ” Rahul Mathur ” in the marketplace to grab my applications). One of the things that intrigued me when I started programming was game development (XNA). It’s been a year since I started programming and I am still intrigued by game development just as much. It’s definitely not as easy as you think it is, trust me. Student Guru however has something that could inspire people like me to get back into game development for Windows Phone. has put together a tutorial to build a prototype of an Angry Birds clone in less than 5 minutes, also – only using Expression blend. Boom! Mind = blown, right?

Here’s a video of the complete building process :

( this guy should clearly apply to Guiness World Records, I can see his name already on the 2012 edition of the ridiculously overpriced book )

You need three things to replicate the process shown above ; Expression Blend, Farseer Physics Engine (main reason why you don’t have to write countless lines of code) and the complementary helper library : Physics Helper . Hit the source link below for the complete tutorial.

Source: StudentGuru 

Cro – Mag Rally update patch coming soon to to fix several issues

Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 have the reputation of being highly polished. Cro – Mag Rally however was barely playable. Hundreds of WP7 users expressed their frustration by providing feedback on the application page ( read comments ). I tried the trial version and absolutely agree with other reviewers that controls are poor. Poor controls in a racing game? not cool. That's just one issue but most of them are related on steering your car along the track ( camera, getting stuck at obstacles, etc). Developers of the XBL title, Citizen 12, have taken notice and they have already submitted the update patch to fix all the issues. Details after the break.

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