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Windows Phone Marketplace allows game emulators. NES emulator available!

Emulators for Windows Phone have always been available in the Homebrew community but Microsoft hasn’t let them breathe for too long in its marketplace. Seems that has changed with App Hub guidelines now allowing emulators and Developer Nudua tsetsted that by submitting his emulator and got it in.
vNESLight is an NES emulator which comes loaded with two ROMs but users can easily can add more very easily. Its available for free so you can replay those golden oldies on your Windows Phone!


  • Responsive touch controls
  • Easily add your own ROMs from the add games tab (zip file or single roms) via the internet
  • Automatic game save states
  • Experimental real time states
  • About 95% compatibility of games
  • Delete any of your added games
  • Pin any game to the start screen
  • 60 FPS Mode
  • Separate settings for first and second generation phones
  • Frame-skipping option
  • The demo ROMs of Battle Kid 2 and Super Bat Puncher are included

Get the app at the Marketplace.


vNES Light beta 2 emulator running at 60 fps mode shows buttery smooth gameplay

vNES Light, NES emulator for Windows Phone, has been one of the highlights of work done by the community. In case you didn't know – Microsoft has banned emulators from the marketplace but that doesn't keep away enthusiastic developers from porting emulators to Windows Phone. vNES light Developer Nudua  is hard at work and has been consistently working to improve the performance of the emulator. Mango update has a direct impact on the performance of the application since Mango bumps the 30 FPS restriction to 60 FPS making gameplay 2x smoother. More after the break.

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Homebrew Atari Lynx Emulator running on Windows phone 7 (Video)

We at WPSauce are a big fans of emulators. I have been playing emulators since early 2003-2004 mainly SNES, Nintendo 64, Saturn and then moving on to Play Station games. Android users have had emulators available legally on the marketplace for ages now, apparently – they are being removed now (whoops!) – Windows Phone 7 marketplace guidelines do not allow emulators, no surprise here. But fear not, homebrew community already have three distinct working emulators for you to get your hands on.

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NES emulator for Windows phone in works, beta coming this week (Update: It’s here!)

We reported about the GameBoy emulator, which will be released in couple of days, a few days back. Now we came accross this XDA thread, where Silverlight dev. Nudua is building a NES emulator called VNesLight for Windows Phone 7. He has already ported popular Java NES emulator VNes to Silverlight 4 and is taking it a step further to make it work on Windows phone as well.

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