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Dell Venue Pro follows the current trend – goes through a massive price drop in India, now available for Rupees 15,490

This is the trend I am willing to support. First Samsung Omnia W, desperately followed by Nokia Lumia 710 and then more recently Lumia 800 – have all undergone massive price drops here in India. Dell Venue pro, received a price cut at the beginning of the year and was selling for nearly 20,000 Rupees and now according to Flipkart: Dell Venue Pro is now available for 15,490 Rupees. Dell has had a pretty bad Windows Phone OEM image if you ask me, first they didn’t bother to stock the devices in time and then riddled the existing buyers by not providing them with necessary firmware in time. Our editor has written about one of the issues here. Hit the source link below for the flipkart product page.

Dell Venue pro price drop flipkart

Dell Venue pro price drop flipkart

My 2 cents regarding DVP: It’s an excellent phone – great build quality and most importantly, it has a slide out vertical physical keyboard. Yes, it’s the only and only Windows Phone device in India with a physical keyboard. It also has a 4.1 inch screen with 16 GB of memory. DVP has everything that you’d find in 1st generation Windows Phone devices and most importantly, you can unlock it too.


Source: Flipkart  via @asaiatin 


Samsung Omnia W now officially available in India

Samsung Omnia W, Focus Flash variant released in India, is finally available for purchase on mutliple online retailers. Samsung Omnia W was first unveiled officially in India in October.

Flipkart has made Omnia W available for instant purchase, after a long wait, for 18,299 Rupees which is much less than the expected retail price of 19k. Hit the link below to checkout the device on Flipkart

Samsung Omnia W on Flipkart

Samsung tied up with Lets Buy this time around for pre orders. Lets Buy has removed the pre order tag as well and now you can purchase the device for just 18,990 Rupees and get a free Samsung Micro USB Car Adaptor along with it. Not bad.

Samsung Omnia  W on Lets Buy

We noticed a rather odd thing today (thanks to @nikhilpai for the h/t). is selling Samsung Omnia W for just 15,400 Rupees (after cashback, which we have been informed by Nikhil – happens before the checkout). This is by far the best offer this month on any device so if you are eager to purchase Omnia W, you know which seat to take, right? (Sorry for the Friday pun on Friday).

Samsung Omnia W on Sulekha

Don’t forget to read our epic review of Samsung Omnia W / Focus Flash right here.

We’ll keep you guys updated on more deals and offers.


NFC, Mobile Wallet support and new models for Nokia’s American Windows Phones

Though almost everything about Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 710 was pretty great, one thing that people complained about was the lack of NFC support. Folks from America, where NFC has started to take off, complained even more since they had to suffer a delayed launch.
Well, Nokia’s Executive VP of Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr, alleviated both of these concerns in a recent interview.

The executive also elaborated on Nokia’s plans for NFC. American Windows Phones would be “equally supported” with NFC when they come to the US, he said. One of the first phones unofficially expected to come to the US, the Lumia 710, won’t have NFC, but Nokia has already said that much of the US launch would involve new models.

As for using NFC services in the country, Halbherr saw Nokia taking a more conservative approach. It had to be “accommodating and open” to systems like the upcoming Isis and be compatible, he said, but it wasn’t committing at this stage. It was “not clever” to make particular choices for services, he said.

Focus words here are ‘new models’ and ‘NFC’, of course. Support for NFC could easily work with the variety of accessories that Nokia has unveiled and the ways the technology is deployed will only get cooler.

[Source via WPDaily]


Nokia shows off Windows Phone features of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Well, the Nokia World keynote just wrapped up and Nokia revealed two new devices to the world – the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Of course, specs and photos are not enough for us, so Nokia has kindly posted a bunch of videos to its youtube channel showing off the various capabilities of its Lumia devices ranging from Navigation to Office to Entertainment to Messaging.

Here are links to the whole series that Nokia has put up :

Lumia 800 : Gangster Ironing , People and Messaging , Office and Mail , Music and Entertainment , Marketplace and Games , Drive and Maps , Browsing and Search, Wind Skating , Sign Spinner , The Designer’s Story.

Lumia 710 : People and Messaging , Office and Mail , Music and Entertainment , Marketplace and Games , Drive and Maps , Browsing and Search.

Nokia is sort of reintroducing Microsoft’s OS here to its customers and showing off the fruits of their labors, phones which have been taken from the sketch-board to shipping in just 8 months. And THAT is incredible.

titan vs lumia 800

Benchmarks of Nokia’s Windows Phone : Lumia 800

The slew of leaks just keeps on coming and we aren’t complaining. Maybe its just a measure of the anticipation of the hype around today’s event or just a few well-placed sources but TNW has obtained benchmarks of the Lumia 800, one of the three Windows Phones Nokia’s supposed to launch today.
First up are the Browsermark and Sunspider results where admittedly the Lumia’s doesn’t take any performance crowns but its not expected to seeing as its fighting against devices with dual-core chips inside. These benchmarks give an idea about the power of the CPU inside and browser optimization.

Next are the CPU Integer and CPU Floating Point results which give target the hardware’s performance directly. Espoo’s device performs very well here against the HTC Titan, which is among the best Windows Phones available in the market.

Going by the numbers, we can easily surmise that Nokia’s offerings will compete well against the current batch of phones running Redmond’s OS, though it will more interesting to see dual-core devices when support is added for them in Apollo. You can see more screenshots at the source link.


HTC radar india

HTC Radar now available in India via Ebay India at Rupees 24,790

HTC Radar was officially announced in India on the eve of official Windows Phone launch on Indian soil. Media suggested that HTC Radar will be available in a week or two post announcement. We haven’t been able to spot Radar on retail stores, Windows Phone online store or even Flipkart but we managed to find HTC Radar on Ebay India with One Year manufacturer warranty (legit) awkardly priced at Rs. 24,790.

HTC radar india


Before you hit the purchase button, don’t forget to check out our feature comparison for 2nd generation Windows Phone devices coming to India to see where Radar stands. Do you think the price is right? Let us know in the comments below.

HTC Omega/Radar Shows Up For Auction (with pictures)

We recently featured the first leaked photo of the HTC Omega (Radar, if you prefer) and today the white beast has shown up for auction on an Algerian site. The guys at OuedKniss have provided the first ‘real’ pictures of the handset HTC is expected to unveil next month.

The ROM on the phone seems to be Orange branded and the French setting might indicate it launching in France first, but guess we will have to wait for the dual cameratoting phone to become official first.[Source]

HTC Omega/Radar powered by 1.5 GHz Snapdragon and 8 MP Camera

What’s a day without a phone leak on the interwebz? Here we have the HTC Omega, whose aluminium white chassis is gracing the web thanks to a leak by the guys at PocketNow. The name is still not confirmed as some sources say it might be called the HTC Radar on launch.
It will most likely be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 (single core), have 512 MB of RAM and come with a 3.8″ SLCD. It will have dual cameras – an 8 MP shooter at the back and a front-facing camera – which will come with Skype integration as we recently learned. The growing number of leaks surely points to an approaching release of Mango and we can’t wait.


Two Mango Phones Caught in the Wild. Acer M130, Asus

Windows Phone NZ reports that during Windows Phone WPC, two new Windows Phone devices were seen.

First, is an Asus device. The reporter calls it a:

tidy looking handset with a matt black finish and it appears to be an engineering sample with non-final code on it.

The other device is the Acer M130, and the reporter says it “looks final” calling it a:

a good basic handset overall with a black shiny look and bevelled edges. This handset has something we haven’t seen on Windows Phone handsets before – video output to HDMI. It also includes DLNA support to play over WiFi to a network connected TV, Xbox, or other DLNA supported device

With Mango phones popping up in the wild, that could only mean that the days of new hardware are near. Check the source for the full report from Windows Phone NZ.

Leaked Road Map confirms Samsung i8350 Omnia W October launch

Samsung i8350 Omnia W has popped up on several websites in past weeks. Blog of Mobile spotted Omnia W receiving bluetooth certification. So it's existence has been confirmned for quite some time . The unknown variable have been target release date, specifications and pricing. Telefonino ( via GSMArena ) got access to Samsung Roadmap for 2H 2011 and it unsurprisingly has load of Android phones coupled three Bada devices and just one Windows Phone 7 device. More after the break.

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