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Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide – App Preview

Much as the name suggests, Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide is a WP7.5, Mango-enabled app that chronicles the many transformations that occur throughout the hit anime series Dragon Ball, as well as its sequels, Z and GT. Within the app, find loads of high quality images, and in depth information regarding each transformation, including first appearances in both the anime series, as well as the original manga!

This app categorizes transformations by character set. Currently available character sets include Saiyan, Freeza, Cell, Buu, and new to version 1.5: Fusions!

App also includes tap-to-zoom images!

Be sure to check this app out for the fantastic price of FREE, and rate it if you like it. Also, you can e-mail the creator (that’s me) directly from the app itself, and include any suggestions you might have or like to see implemented.

Hit tower defense game, geoDefense Gets an Update

Windows Phone’s hit tower defense game, geoDefense is now receiving its version 1.4 update! This update brings a brand new LiveTile functionality to the app. When placed on the Start Screen, the LiveTile can display how many “checkmarks” and how many “stars” have been earned!

For those who haven’t played geoDefense, it’s a fantastic game where you set up defenses against enemies that attempt to reach the end of the path. Upgrade your defenses using the points earned from defeating the enemies! Each level has a set amount of “lives” and if the number of enemies that reach the end is greater than that number, you lose! However, if it is less than the number of lives, you win, with a “checkmark” for the level. If none get to the end, you earn a “star” for the level.

Head past the break for more info and screenshots of the game!

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Wp7 App preview: ECG Viewer

ecg viewerIf you were curious as to what doctors see when they look at your ECG, here is an app that might satisfy your curiosity. ECG Viewer was made by a student of impact lab at Arizona State University, and lets you see the heart rate at various heart rates and parameter values. It can also simulate a heart attack and show you how the ECG changes when it happens.

ecg viewer screenshot

The marketplace description reads:

ECGViewerPrelim is an educational app that helps to learn about heart signals or electrocardiogram (ECG). It generates realistic ECG signals from a well known model, ECGSyn, developed by Mcsherry et al. This app does not use any personal data or does not need to sense ECG from the user. Using this app, one can learn about the characteristics of a typical ECG signal, such as P,Q,R,S, and T waves, simulate arrhythmia and learn how it affects the ECG signal, see the effects of changing the heart rate, or the amplitude of the different waves in ECG. Overall this is an app that educates people about heart signals in a fun way.

The main features of this app are:

  1. Veiw a normal default ECG
  2. Start and Stop buttons for streaming control
  3. Change heart rate using the slider
  4. Simulate arrhythmia or heart attack
  5. Change the amplitude of the different waves in ECG

The main contributor of this app is Ayan Banerjee, a PhD student at Arizona State University. The theory behind this app is documented in a paper "GeM-REM: Generative Model-driven Resource-efficient ECG Monitoring in Body Sensor Networks" by Sidharth Nabar, Ayan Banerjee, andeep K.S. Gupta, and Radha Poovendran. The icon is developed by Sushovan De.

ECGViewerPrelim is free in the marketplace.

Disclaimer: the developer of this app is my roommate.


WP7 App Preview: Gestulator


If you have fat fingers and the size of the buttons on the official calculator app are not large enough for you to type in a hurry, here is an app for you: Nirmit Kavaiya’s Gestulator. The app ekes out more space for the numerals by completely getting rid of all numerical operators – so how do you enter plus? Well, just swipe up anywhere on the app. Swiping in any of the cardinal directions will reveal the numerical operator. Release your finger to enter it.


The marketplace description is concise:

Gestulator is a simple and clean Gesture based Calculator.

Use the number pad to enter values, Swipes for arithmetic operations, and other Gestures to clear, remove values

Gestulator is free on the marketplace.


Windows Phone App Review: ide7– a client for

If you are not familiar with, it is an excellent website that lets you compile and run bits of code in any programming language under the sun. Nontas Rontogiannis, a tech enthusiast from and student at Univ. of Patras has released a client for ideone on Windows Phone called ide7.


If you quickly have to show your friend the validity of your idea at a bus stop, this is an excellent app to have. I tested it with C# and C++ and works flawlessly. There are a couple things to remember, though. It is almost always a good idea to first load the sample program. For example, in my first run with the app, I forgot the using System;  declaration in my C# code, and got an error message.

There are a couple of problems with the keyboard, though, something that I hope can be fixed in an update. First, the keyboard has spelling correction turned on, which means i is autocorrected to the capital letter I, while is corrected to While, which makes typing code a pain. Second, the syntax-colored text box does not let you place the cursor very accurately. Specifically, long-pressing on the screen does not cause a cursor to appear, which would have let your move it around and place it accurately.

ide7 is a useful application, and I had fun with it. You can find the paid / trial version here, and the free / lite version (that supports C, C++, Java and C#) here.


Flash video comes to windows phone with Metro Browser

metro-b-iconTwo developers: snickler and Marvin_S from xda-developers have released their app, Metro Browser into the marketplace, that can play flash video from youtube, megavideo, videobb and other sites.

This app is a must have for all windows phone users, since it allows you to play those YouTube videos that are otherwise unavailable to mobile users because you have to watch an ad before it (hey, Google, if you are reading this, please come up with an official solution for that.) This works not only with the YouTube website, but also with embedded YouTube videos across the internet.

The main advantage of this app, however, is that you can watch videos from Megavideo, videobb, etc. Something that so far, only Android users could do (or iOS users if the corresponding app exists.)


I tested the app myself with and found that it does work, I was able to watch mythbusters on my phone! (Sorry for the low quality video, I did not have a great camcorder with me)

Metro Browser playing flash video

Metro Browser works by acting as an intermediate layer between the site and the IE control it hosts, and figuring out when you have a flash video to be played. As soon as it detects one, it plays it using the player. They do not seem to be using the wp7 video player, and you have to wait for a while for the video to be buffered before you can play the video.

Metro Browser is free with ads, and $1.99 for ad-free browsing. Download from Zune Marketplace or see more details in the XDA-Developers thread.