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IM+ free AD supported multi protocol IM client now available in Windows Phone marketplace

Praise the lord! Shape services, creator of IM+ client, has just released an AD supported IM client with every feature available on paid app (correct me if I am wrong) for free. We previously reported about IM+ some time back which was hit with severe criticism due to initial pricing. IM+ is the only multi protocol IM app available in the marketplace right now. Download link after the break.

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Microsoft Releases Social ToDo App : Dotastic

Microsoft has released another app to its ever-growing marketplace, titled Dotastic. The Dotastic domain has had a ‘coming soon’ splash page up since Microsoft bought it in June 2011, and today the app is available for you to download. The app is basically a social todo list where you challenge your friends to finish their lists and earn points. Here’s the official description :

Dotastic is a fun way to challenge your friends and help each other get things done. Earn points for completing tasks and compete with your friends to be at the top of the leaderboard. Incentives and social pressure helps you stay motivated as you complete your tasks and share your achievements with everyone.

Weirdly enough, the marketplace screenshot shows an iOS like bar at the bottom, though the rest of the UI seems Metro enough. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

GroupMe app for Windows phone coming soon (Update: Now available!)

GroupMe, a popular and free group text messaging app available for iOS, Android and Blackberry will soon be released to the Windows phone marketplace according to a tweet from GroupMe:

CrookJim   Currently you can use GroupMe via SMS on WP7… but an app is coming soon! #) 

Group messaging applications are all the rage these days. Everybody has one or wants one. GroupMe currently allows non supported ( like Windows Phone, currently) platform users to use SMS instead to communicate with their way. An application would be better though, GroupMe.  GroupMe utilizes the contacts API so you'll have to wait till the mango update. We'll keep you updated on the status of this much awaited app.

Update: Groupme for WP7 is now available in the marketplace. Download link below:

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Yammer announces Windows Phone Application

Yammer Inc., the leader in enterprise social networking, today announced its mobile application for Windows Phone. Built from the ground up, the new Yammer application delivers advanced enterprise social networking capabilities to mobile workers worldwide.

Key New Features:

Threaded Conversations – Post, reply and like messages. Easily follow conversations with replies displayed underneath the original message.

Multi-Feed Access – Quickly navigate between My Feed, Group Feeds and Company Feed to find relevant conversations.

Multi-Network Access – Switch between various internal and external networks.

Member Directory and Profiles – Find updates, links and files posted by a specific colleague in addition to contact information.

Private Messages – Communicate privately with one or more colleagues.

Live Tile Integration – Receive real-time notifications from Yammer about new conversations and messages on your Windows Phone Start screen, all without opening the application.

Yammer for Windows Phone will be available for a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace later this quarter and will be compatible with Mango launching later this year.

Derdack Launches Enterprise Alerting App for Windows Phone 7

Derdack, provider of advanced enterprise notification software today announced the launch of a new enterprise alerting app for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) that delivers enhanced IT systems management.

According to the press release :

The app for WP7 replicates the management console of IT management systems and supports smartphone push notifications as a delivery channel for critical notifications. If an event is detected by the IT monitoring system, message master® Enterprise Alert automatically sends an alert via a push notification to the WP7 app. The user is instantly made aware of critical information related to an alert and has one click access to the mobile console from where further details are available. The alert can then be viewed, accepted and managed directly from within the app. Additionally, alerts can be sent to the smartphone via SMS or voice according to user preferences

The app will be released in late July. Check out the video of Enterprise Alerting App here

Travelnapp for Windows Phone 7

Ever fallen asleep on the train or got distracted and ended up missing your stop? Travelnapp, a new Windows Phone 7 application, is here to help!

Official app Description :

Travelnapp is a worldwide proximity alarm for Windows Phone 7. The application allows users to read, listen to music or sleep on public transport without fear of missing their stop. Utilizing the integrated GPS in all Windows Phone 7 devices, Travelnapp is able to accurately track your position then use this data to notify you once a certain distance away, plot a map of your route and calculate your estimated time of arrival and average speed.

Travelnapp has been programmed with a set of fail-safes, which use logic to ensure the alarm always goes off even if you lose GPS signal near your destination (for example in a tunnel). It also has the ability to automatically pause your music as you approach, before sounding the alert.

TravelnApp on Marketplace

Homebrew Atari Lynx Emulator running on Windows phone 7 (Video)

We at WPSauce are a big fans of emulators. I have been playing emulators since early 2003-2004 mainly SNES, Nintendo 64, Saturn and then moving on to Play Station games. Android users have had emulators available legally on the marketplace for ages now, apparently – they are being removed now (whoops!) – Windows Phone 7 marketplace guidelines do not allow emulators, no surprise here. But fear not, homebrew community already have three distinct working emulators for you to get your hands on.

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Official American Airlines App Available In Windows Phone marketplace

American Airlines

American Airlines Logo

A few weeks after Microsoft’s announcement of Mango interest in the Operating System soared and official apps have been rushing in at breakneck speed, updates for existing apps have come along faster and in general the Market Place is finally looking good. Continuing the trend is American Airlines. They have released the official app for the airlines to the Market Place.

The app has kept the Windows Phone’s Metro UI style helping it blend in well with everything else. The app can check your flight status, set a parking reminder, check in for flights, store your mobile boarding pass and even enroll for the AAdvantage Miles Program. Here’s the official word:

Introducing the travel app that understands who you are and where you’re going. From where you’re departing and from what gate. Where you’ll sit and even where you are on the standby list. Get your personalized America Airlines travel information by downloading the app that’s perfect for flying through airports.
- Enter Your Log In & Password Only Once — Saving your info allows the app to push your upcoming flight details to your home screen, automatically – View Personal Flight Details– Get your gate, seat and flight status info at a glance – Access Your Mobile Boarding Pass– The app saves it for you, so it’s always easy to find – Book Flights – Check In For Flights – Create Flight Status Notifications
Plus, access a variety of other tools to help you manage, plan and further enjoy each trip you take on American Airlines: – Set a Parking Reminder – Monitor Your Place on The Standby List – View Terminal Maps – Access your AAdvantage® account* – Track Your Elite Status Progress – Enroll in the AAdvantage® program – Access Contact Information – Use GPS to Locate the Nearest American Serviced Airport
We are steadily developing our plans for future functionality to be included in our American Airlines app. Please send us your feedback. We are listening.


American Airlines 002 American Airlines 001 American Airlines 003

American Airlines 003 American Airlines 005

Bring Your Windows Phone Device to your Desktop via WP7 RecX

You are a dev and hate making videos via the Windows Phone emulator ? Or maybe you just wanna check out your apps on the big screen and not crick your neck switching back and forth between your monitor and mobile’s screen. Well, XDA member fiinix has released a screen streaming/recording application based on “The DllImport Project”. The dev has optimized the app a lot to make it usable, here is the official feature list :

* Full-screen mode “F11″
* Presentation-mode background color chooser. (Useful in F11 mode)
* Great features on UI (The cn version suck’ed with UI)
* Chose what IP port WP7<>Server talk over
* See frames count’ received
* Start/Stop server at any time to continue later -button
* More than 2.3 fps! Yay.