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Creative Studios now available for Nokia Windows Phone devices, edit photos and stitch images with Panorama for free

Photo editing applications are very popular on all platforms, Windows Phone has two incredible Photo editing applications : Picture Lab and Thumba Photo Editor. However both of them paid apps, but if you are using a Nokia Lumia, today is your lucky day. Creative Studios, like every other Nokia Windows Phone app, looks great and works just as expected. You can either select a picture from your library or take an image and then you can proceed to edit the image. Creative Studios offers a lot of filters, editing tools like – cropping, sharpening, etc but it has one feature that sets it apart from other photo editing applications – Panorama. Yes, panorama tools stitches your images. According to MTW,

“Besides edition pictures this app will also let you shoot panoramas with the use of the devices sensors (make sure to calibrate your compass before attempting to use this feature though)

Oh, it’s also integrated with Pictures Hub. Very neat. We clicked a couple of screen shots that are embedded below followed by download link.

Creative Studios for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Creative Studios for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone


Creative Studios for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Creative Studios for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Download link if you are on Lumia device : Creative Studios for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone  or just search Creative Studios in the marketplace.


Instagram for Windows Phone [Concept]

Instagram is again making news after announcing Instagram for Android. Instagram is at the moment exclusively available on iOS only, while Android app is coming soon. What about Windows Phone? We did hear reports suggesting that a Windows Phone app is coming before it makes it’s way to the Android marketplace. That rumor is now squashed. So when is the official Instagram application coming? No clue. Also, uploading access has been denied to third party developers who are using the Instagram API so there is no other option left but to wait.

Developer Bharadwaj (@bharadc23) designed put together a commendible concept for an Instagram application on Windows Phone. The pivot based Windows Phone app is a perfect mix of Instagram UI + Metro UI.

I’ll post a couple of images below, hit the source link at the bottom for complete detail. Hit him up on Twitter as well for feedback.

Source: Verge Forums


Angry Birds Space not coming to Windows Phone on March 22nd, proves Windows Phone still has a lot of catching up to do

Angry Birds, quite possibly the most famous 21st century mobile game in the world, is coming back – but this time, birds are going to kick some ass in space! Yes, Angry Birds Space was officially announced today and along with it, Rovio announced that the game will be available on March 22nd to the following platforms: iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Yes, it’s coming to every major mobile platform. Oh wait, where’s Windows Phone?

Did I mention how much time it took for Rovio to port overpriced Angry Birds to Windows Phone? Read about it here. Quick recap, Microsoft said Angry Birds is coming in October 2010 – Rovio had no clue, they denied any Windows Phone version in development. Then Rovio finally revealed that they are working on a Windows Phone version in February and it was eventually released in June 2011. This comes after, from the looks of it, after pressure from Microsoft(which itself was under pressure from users to get Angry Birds game on board).

Official Angry BirdsTwitter hasn’t replied back to my several Windows Phone launch tweet queries (I suggest you tweet, if possible). I guess it will come to Windows Phone eventually, but when? Do you think Windows Phone is still not relevant enough in 2012 for developers like Rovio to launch a version for Windows Phone alongside iOS and Android?. Everyday we see a positive statistic from analysts saying Windows phone will sell millions of devices every month yet a lot of developers, especially large gaming houses are ignoring Windows Phone or submitting pre historic crap with XBL label.  I hope you get the point I am trying to make.

Update: We got the official word from Rovio and it’s disappoiting to say the least,

There are no plans for that as of this point in time, no


Add Dynamic Images to your Windows Phone Lockscreen with Dynamic Background (HomeBrew)

WindowsPhoneHacker is at it again and this time he has something which is a much requested feature – dynamic lockscreen. WPHacker’s Dynamic Background application lets you add dynamic images to your lockscreen which is infinitely better than a static lockscreen you get. Dynamic Background let’s you use Bing background on your lockscreen which will update automatically everyday or create your own custom slideshow by stacking up a bunch of images from your phone’s local storage which updates automatically every 30 minutes.Very nifty.

Here’s a video demo:

Unfortunately, unless you have flashed a custom ROM to your Windows Phone device, you will not be able to deploy your application. So if you have a device with custom ROM, hit the link below to download the xap right now. Also, let the developer know your feedback.

Dynamic Background for Windows Phone


Mehdoh 2.0 previewed, adds Facebook and Twitter lists support

Mehdoh, one of the best and most popular twitter client on Windows Phone will soon become a full fledged “social network” client. Mehdoh 2.0 update is coming (build is in early stages) and v2.0 update has two major improvements – First is the much awaited Twitter List support and secondly, Mehdoh now integates Facebook to the mix as well. Facebook integration in Mehdoh will give a signifact competition to clients like Seesmic and moTweets on the Windows Phone marketplace and of course the twitter applications like Rowi and Carbon.

Here’s a quick video showing the Facebook integration and Twitter Lists in action:

A very quick sneak preview but it gives you an idea of how the new features are implement. Let the developer know your thoughts on this, ping them on Twitter – @mehdoh


Download Nokia Transport beta XAP – for all unlocked devices!

At Mobile World Congress 2012, we witnessed a couple of new exclusive Windows Phone applications by Nokia: Nokia Reader and Nokia Transport. Nokia Transport is a very nifty app. All you need to do is enter your traversal route and it will help you by giving a detailed aggregated information that displays public transportation information – on foot, bus, trains,etc. When I say detailed – it includes the time of journey on the public transport, it’s all there.

Here’s what the Nokia Transport application can do:

  • Easily find public transport stations/stops, addresses, and points of interest.
  • Choose from multiple routes and follow the list of directions for buses, trams, underground, or trains.
  • View earlier and later departure times to make smarter travel choices.
  • Save favourite routes from different locations as a tile on your phone homescreen for instant access from anywhere.

Here’s a video of Nokia Transport in action:

p.s – before you download, don’t forget to check out the list of supported cities.

If you have a Nokia Lumia device, head over to the link below to download the beta on your device.

Nokia Transport beta for Lumia devices

Now since most of us don’t have a Nokia lumia device but are eager to test the application, there’s a special Skydrive link for you down below. Enjoy.

Source: XDA user Orancia


mundu TV app now available in Windows Phone marketplace

mundu TV is a popular mobile application that lets you stream TV channels directly on your mobile. Geodisc, creator of Mundu TV, have now officially released a Windows Phone application. mundu TV has a decent set of channels available and to stream those channels you have to pay a, in my opinion, reasonable priced fees.

mundu TV for Windows Phone

mundu TV for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone app is fairly well designed. It’s fast. I was able to register in under a minute. It crashed on me a couple of times but after that it’s been working quite well. Quality of streaming – SQ and HQ – both are available and I am mighty impressed. The appliction remembers your login information so overall, the application is pretty good. Head over to the mundu TV download link below to download the application for free:

mundu TV for Windows Phone download link

Just wanted to add a small note here. mundu TV is one of the star Symbian application. As FoneArena noted:

“Their Symbian app clocked 5 million downloads on the Nokia Store last month and held its place as one of the top 10 free apps on the Nokia Store in just 11 months.”




Carbon for Windows Phone now available in marketplace

Carbon for Windows Phone has finally arrived in Windows Phone marketplace after a series of roadblacks with certifications but they have finally managed to get Carbon on the marketplace.

Developers of Carbon Windows Phone are releasing v1.1 and they will push v1.2 on February 15th which will include a bunch of new features.

Here’s what you can expect in v1.1 (via Official Blog Post):

  • Full inline Pictures on the Timeline(needs to be enabled from settings)
  • Double Tap on tweets for quickly replying to tweets without the need to leave timelines
  • Quickline: A swiss army timeline for accessing all kinds of timelines from Lists, Retweets, Saved Searches.
  • Live Ties for every account, pinnable to the Home Screen with Mentions & Direct Messages background checks
  • Compose Tile, pinning a compose tile on the Home Screen for a speedy tweet composition
  • Search Tiles, pin a #hashtag or keywords to your home screen for quick access to a search timeline
  • Threaded Direct Messages View
  • And of course, Pro URL shortening, Read Later support(Instapaper & Read It Later) and a lot more…

So we have another strong contendor for best Twitter app on Windows Phone. Mehdoh is stealing the show at the moment, big reason is that it’s free, while Rowi is the most popular paid Twitter app. Carbon is a paid app as well and will give both the Twitter app a hard time. It’s good to see a popular Web OS app finally making it’s way to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Download the application from the link below:

Carbon for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Nokia India

Windows Phone App Review : Indian Rail App

I travel a lot by trains.  In fact so much, that I am responsible for 50% of revenues for Indian Railways ( Ok I am exaggerating but you guys get the point, right ?). I usually check for a train availability via the Indian Rail website. One look at it, and you will understand why I hate it.  Too many ads and very unreliable website. To get a seat availability on the train between two stations, I have to check the codes for the station and then come back and then put in the data and then get the result . OH ! and not to forget the thousands of ad popups that ask me to get a Travel Insurance (Yes, exactly what I need while planning a travel).

There are other sites too like IRCTC, ClearTrip which have good UI but then again they are not really mobile friendly. Since I am on the move most of the time, I wanted a mobile app. And that is when I stumbled upon IndianRail App on the Marketplace.

The App really looks beautiful as it tries to emulate Windows Phone’s Tiles interface and has various sections displayed as Tiles.

Screen Capture (5)

The App has 5 sections

1) Train Schedule : Lets me check any train’s schedule by entering the train number. I can also Save the Train Schedule in this app

2) PNR : One of the best features – It lets me see if my ticket has been confirmed or still waitlisted. I can also bookmark the PNR number for faster access

3) Travel Plan : Quite an extensive feature, Lets me see how many tickets are available in different classes on a given day between two stations.

4) Train Live Status : Live Update of the train which shows actual / expected time of the train in a nice table format

5) Passing By Trains : List of Trains that pass by a certain station in the time frame that the user sets.

I am in love with this app. I use this regularly and one thing I totally heart is how it displays different stations and pops up suggestions when I type the station name. Also the way the stations are displayed in the list ( in the same way , how your music is displayed in Zune on Windows Phone ) is good !

Screen Capture (6)Screen Capture (7)

It all just fits in and the Developer Pavan Bhattad has taken care the app emulates the look and feel of Windows Phone ! The Developer regularly provides updates for the app every now and then.

You can find Indian Rail App on Marketplace here.

P.S : At WPSauce, we are starting with reviewing apps which cater to the Indian Marketplace or are developed by Indian Windows Phone Developers. If you are a Windows Phone Developer from India and have developed some good apps – Drop me a mail at karthik[at]wpsauce[dot]com (or use and I will get back to you.


Accelerometer disabler revamped for all devices

A short time ago, windowsphonehacker Jaxbot released an app called accelerometer disabler that was limited to only Samsung and LG devices. After a bit of time, he has released a totally revamped accelerometer disabler that is available to any device running Windows Phone! This also means no interop unlock and you don’t have to reboot your device to get the accelerometer to work again. Just a quick slide toggle and you can rotate to your hearts desire. If you want to take a look and download, click on the source link for full details and let us know what you think!

source: windowsphonehacker