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Liquid Battlelog gives Battlefield 3 players Battlelog for Windows Phone

Battlefield soliders – gear up. DICE created something unique with Battlelog last year. Battlelog is where you can set up a match, see post match results and statistics, see your weapons and it’s stats, see what your friends are upto and a lot more. Battelog is where I end up after every session on my PS3. What if you are on the go and need to check your battlelog? Well, the website isn’t the best on IE9 – it’s cluttered with information overload so next logical step should have been a BF3 mobile app right? Well that’s what DICE did however on the wrong (ha!) platform – iOS. I did ask DICE about the official application availability on Windows Phone and as of now – they have no plans.

Battlelog for Windows Phone

Battlelog for Windows Phone

This is where I came accross Liquid Battlelog’s BF3 Battlelog applications. It’s beautiful first and foremost. It gives you a quick overview right at the start. See what your friends are upto. Check your weapon stats and what unlocks you are targeting next. You can also see ribbons and medals in and out of your shelf. And of course, it shows you the Battelog timeline which is pretty neat. Overall, it’s really impressive but the lack of updates is what bothers me. There’s a lot more that can be done.

Battlelog for Windows Phone

Battlelog for Windows Phone


There is a trial version available for the Battelog so you can experience the application before you buy it. Paid version is available for just 0.99$. Worth it.

Marketplace link for Liquid Battlelog

I also suggest you check out other BF3 apps on the marketplace such as BFStat which is crack for statistics freak. I wish it had more content and better layout though.  Also suggest you check out the free app Battlelog WP7  this is definitely not for folks who can’t stand a bad  UX because this could seriously use some UI rework. However the application has decent amount of stats and is more importantly, free.

Let us know your favorite Battlelog application in the comments below.


CloudyBox : Unofficial Dropbox client for Windows Phone

Dropbox is among the few major services which don’t have an official Windows Phone app yet. Worry not, the ever-growing community of Windows Phone devs has come to the rescue. Prashant Cholachagudda
has released CloudyBox, a dropbox client for your Windows Phones. You can upload, delete, share and download files. You can also view your dropbox usage and send referral links. Until Dropbox releases an official app, this seems like a great replacement.

You can get it at the marketplace link.

(beta marketplace. See comments for more details. Sorry for the confusion!)



Hit tower defense game, geoDefense Gets an Update

Windows Phone’s hit tower defense game, geoDefense is now receiving its version 1.4 update! This update brings a brand new LiveTile functionality to the app. When placed on the Start Screen, the LiveTile can display how many “checkmarks” and how many “stars” have been earned!

For those who haven’t played geoDefense, it’s a fantastic game where you set up defenses against enemies that attempt to reach the end of the path. Upgrade your defenses using the points earned from defeating the enemies! Each level has a set amount of “lives” and if the number of enemies that reach the end is greater than that number, you lose! However, if it is less than the number of lives, you win, with a “checkmark” for the level. If none get to the end, you earn a “star” for the level.

Head past the break for more info and screenshots of the game!

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Baconit 2.0 : The best Reddit app for Windows Phone gets a major update

Dear Narwhals, time to go crazy. Unarguably the best Reddit app on Windows Phone, Baconit has just gotten an update to version 2.0 and it’s pretty great. The developers have taken only four months to reach version two and still kept the app completely free yet awesome. The list of changes is pretty huge, from endless scrolling everywhere to a major rewrite of the app to added .gif support and a lot of bug fixes, your Reddit time is about to get a lot better.

Don’t let me keep you waiting, you can grab the free version here  and donation variant here.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

* Main Landing

o Completely rewritten

o Added Recent tiles

o Made subreddit list scroll larger

o Moved many of the feature links around to make more sense.

* SubReddit Viewer

o Viewed stories now have a different title color to indicate what has already been seen.

o Endless scrolling work 100% of the time

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* Message Inbox

o Rewrote much of it for speed and reliability

o Added sending response when replying to a message, the UI will show a waiting screen until it receives sent confirmation

* Story Details

o Rewrote much of the loading code to make it quicker and more reliable

o Made first comment bar color much brighter than the others

o Story header collapse after comments are scrolled

o Fixed “No comments” bug

o Fixed story to story linking

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

o Pressing up vote or down vote after it is already now neutralizes the vote

o Double tapping a parent of collapsed children now un-collapses the children

* Profile View

o Main user account now also show liked, disliked, and hidden

o “Karma” spelling fixed

o Date is now formatted to system date format

* Reddit Image Viewer

o Added .gif support – for some

o Added NSFW block screen – Tap to show an image that was marked NSFW

o Fixed Image not saving to phone issue

o Added double tap to make image go full screen and double tap to get back

o Fixed returning to the wrong Image

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* General

o Live tiles no longer need to update to change to new accent colors

o New Live tile background for to show link and comment karma

o New ”new message” live tile icon for some live tiles

o Bug Fixes

o Speed Improvements

* Background Updater

o Added crashing reporting

o Added ability to render live tile images

o Mostly rewritten for bug fixes / speed improvements


Blueprints – A rockstar tumblr client for Windows Phone

Blueprints for Windows Phone is a beautifully designed Tumblr client. Its looks fantastic and is a pleasure to use. Even in its current beta form the app works very well and the developer has promised to keep updating the app frequently with new features. I’ve compared the app to the official Tumblr app on iPhone and Blueprints shines both in terms of usability and features

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

Here is the full list of features:
  • Share texts, photos, quotes, links, conversations, videos and audio.
  • Like and unlike posts as well as reblog them.
  • Play audio posts and videos.
  • Save photos to your phone.
  • Share links in your connected social networks.
  • Search for songs in the Zune Marketplace.
  • Save drafts or add posts to your queue.
  • Post to multiple blogs related to the same account.
  • Pin your favorite blogs to your start screen.
  • Send your posts to Twitter.
  • Find the blogs you’re following.
  • Keep a look on the posts you’ve liked.
BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

It is heartening to see such good design work for a third party app. I no longer need an official Tumblr app because this feels like one! Needless to say, this is by far the best 3rd party Tumblr client on the Windows Phone marketplace. Blueprints is priced for $0.99 with a free trial version (read-only) available.  Happy Tumbling! :)

Download Blueprints, a Tumblr client for Windows Phone


This is a guest post by Vijay Vadlamani. You can follow him on Twitter: @VJV87


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Rowi 2.0 Settings

Rowi 2.0 for Windows Phone is out. Here’s what’s new in the long awaited update.

Rowi 2.0 has just hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. I’ve had the chance to beta test Rowi 2.0, and I must say: WOW

I’m really impressed by the speed Rowi is showing now. Before the 2.0 version, it was lagging a lot on the timeline display because of the way it was coded. Now the timeline is just as fast as any other tweet display you find in Rowi. Let me show you around a bit.

Rowi 2.0 Timeline
Rowi 2.0 New tweet window
Rowi 2.0 Save for later
Rowi 2.0 Tweet lite
Rowi 2.0 Notifications
Rowi 2.0 Conversation View
Rowi 2.0 Tweet View
Rowi 2.0 Configuration
Rowi 2.0 Settings


Here’s a list of some of the biggest new changes/features:

  • Readability integration for viewing web pages and saving bookmarks for later reading (added to Rowi’s save for later functionality)
  • Support for RTL (Right to Left) languages display for tweets/messages
  • New context menu for quick and easy access to common actions for tweets/messages (tap to open the menu, double-tap to select the tweet/message/item)
  • You can now pin any home timeline, new tweet, new tweet #nowplaying, new message and search to your Windows Phone start screen
  • Fast app switching support and now using the OS’ progress indicator (yes, Rowi is finally updated to take advantage of the latest major Windows Phone OS a.k.a. Mango)

Here is the full list:


  • New reading experience for read/unread tweets/messages on the home timelines
  • New reading style marks tweets as read as you scroll up (default/configurable behavior)
  • Scroll to top automatically marks all tweets as read (by default)
  • New column types (including but not limited to: retweets, favorites, etc.)
  • Retweets are now included in list timelines
  • Photo previews for tweets in timelines


  • Tweet details page expands all shortented URLs to show the originally tweeted URL
  • Tweet details now show who retweeted it
  • Conversation view on tweet details page
  • Tweet details page now uses the same (new) RT popup as context menu
  • Added a save for later button on tweet details page

message conversation

  • Updated the message conversation style to better match the OS messaging conversation UI

new tweet

  • Now playing added to new tweet screen to let you tweet about what you’re listening to
  • New (remaining) character counter UI when composing new tweets or messages
  • New image uploading services – Lockerz, yfrog, Twitter and TwitPic are all now supported
  • Bitly URL shortening removed since twitter will shorten all URLs to anyway
  • Replying to a retweet now includes the retweeter

user profiles

  • New “is following me” text on profiles to better understand mutual follow relationships
  • Mentions pivot added to user profiles


  • New settings UI (tweaked for simplicity)
  • New setting to specify preferred reading direction (newest, down or oldest, up). This affects where Rowi positions the timeline when new tweets are loaded
  • New setting to skip the new tweets indicator and just auto-loading new tweets with an info message box across the top of the screen
  • New setting to make all tweet calls to Twitter return the max amount of tweets (200)
  • New setting to automatically load conversations on tweet details
  • New setting to open the context menu on tap and hold instead of on tap (and select item on tap instead of double-tap)
  • New setting to manually set tweets as read (instead of automatically when scrolled into view)


  • Toast notifications now display inside of Rowi and take you to see the new tweets when tapped
  • Added Rowi to the share menu

moar awesomeness

  • Toasts for Mentions and Messages now take you to the correct mentions and messages pivots respectively in Rowi when tapped on. Yay! We know, it’s the little things. :)
  • Better error message on invalid login
  • Made info message box bigger so it’s easier to swipe away
  • More accurate message for bad gateway errors from Twitter
  • Changed placement of followers/following on user profiles to match
  • When finished writing a new tweet from the new tweet tile, tapping the back button exits Rowi
  • …plus a whole lot of refinement and bug fixes along the way

Download link for Rowi 2.0 below. It comes in two flavors – free(Ad. supported) and paid ($0.99 – which means there is a price reduction):


Audible for Windows Phone

Audible shows off their Windows Phone application, development nearing completion

We just got tipped this video where Douglas Hwang, Product Manager at Audible showcased Audible for Windows Phone officialy for the first time. Features like library pinning and individual audible item pinning is there, which is pretty neat. See the video embedded below for an overview from the Product Manager himself. Douglas states that the application is nearly completed and we are hoping to see Audible in the marketplace as early as next month.

Audible for Windows Phone is currently in limited private beta. Paul Thurrot got his hands on Audible private beta, you can see the screenshots of the beta app here.

Audible for Windows Phone

Audible for Windows Phone

Audible is one of THE most awaited application on the marketplace along with Instagram, Path and Draw Something. Soon you can tick one of them off your list. We’ll keep you updated on the availibility.

Thanks for the tip Ss2dragon!


jiTalk, Gtalk client for Windows Phone, now available in marketplace

Google’s lack of official applications in marketplace has never been a problem. For Youtube, Google Music, Google Reader, etc – we have some excellent apps with just one exception – Google Talk client. Google talk clients on the marketplace have been far from impressive. jiTalk on the other hand looks good and works well. jiTalk from what little time i have spent is very stable unlike previous client. It’s fairly easy to navigate. Nifty feature – you can see if the user is composing a message on your IM thread or not. If you have used an IM client before, you’d probably know what I am talking about. Most importantly, you get toast notifacations too (not available in trial) and ability to change status and availability. A nifty addition is the “contact pinner”. Pin your most used contact and chat with him directly by clicking on the user specific tile on the homescreen. Overall, very impressive.

jitalk Gtalk client for Windows Phone

jitalk Gtalk client for Windows Phone


Give the application a spin from the download link below. The application is available for $2.49 along with a free trial.

Download jiTalk for Windows Phone 

Windows Phone App showcase: Weather Flow

This neat little app has stirred up a lot of dust when it came out, and I’ve got to tell you: it’s really as impressive as people say.

We’re talking about Weather Flow, another nice app made by Gergely Orosz, who’s also responsible for other cool apps like “App Flow App Discovery”, “Cocktail Flow” and “Flashlight 7″.

This time, Gergely has brought us a wonderful weather app with rich graphics and a really smooth layout.

Check out the screenshots Gergely provides:



Now, if that doesn’t stun you, let me show you a quick video of the animations. (Please excuse the video quality… I really need to buy me a new webcam :)
Windows Phone App Review: Weather Flow

Weather Flow really gives you smooth and amazing graphics, vivid animations, live tiles, and up to date data.


This is the official app description from the marketplace:

Introducing the most beautiful weather app. The one with the best live tiles. Ever.

Don’t let bad weather take you by surprise! Whether it’s raining, cloudy, clear, warm or cold, Weather Flow will provide you with current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts. Forecasts and weather conditions are provided for your city and multiple locations around the world.

Pin your current location on your screen and the two sided live tile will show not only the current conditions, but also how the weather will be compared to yesterday and if it’s a good idea to pack an umbrella. Add multiple cities to the app and switch between them to see what their weather is like – perfect for when you’re planning to travel. Spice up the visuals by switching between a Metro theme and a visually rich theme, using which ever you’re in the mood for.

The app costs USD 1.99 and has ranked 4/5 Stars at the time of writing with 41 reviews so far. We’d highly recommend you try the application.

Get the app at the WindowsPhone Marketplace.



google plus official windows phone

Official Google + application is coming to Windows Phone

We’d like to share a surprising bit of news here. PR Spokesperson from Google Germany,Stefan Keuchel, revealed to twitter user @dominiksichlingthat an Official Google+ application IS coming to Windows Phone but he cannot reveal the dates as of now. The following is the translated version of the conversation:


Google Plus official for Windows Phone

Google Plus official for Windows Phone


This is indeed surprising because Google has succesfully avoided Windows Phone platform by not releasing any official application for it’s popular products like Google Maps, Google Mail,  Google Reader while developing simultaneously for multiple platforms like Symbian, iOS and of course Android.

We’ll keep you updated on more information regarding this. If you are a Google + fan, you’d probably know that developers have limited access to Google+ API – no write access so you cannot update your status. So Google+ official app is the only hope for you (minus the web version of course, which I have never personally tested on IE9 mobile). Anybody excitement with the announcement? Let us know below.

Source: msicc