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MSP Application Spotlight : English Toolkit

Hello Readers – Welcome to our new section called MSP Application Spotlight where we feature Windows Phone apps developed by Microsoft Student Partners.

This week on MSP Application Spotlight is English Toolkit developed by Vignesh PT.

English Toolkit is basically a swiss knife app for anything related to English.

It includes a dictionary, abbreviation searcher, synonyms tool inside it.



Apart from these very useful tool,  you can search for quotes on a certain topic and send it to your friends.



Sharing a quote with your friend is very easy – All you have to do is long press on any of the quotes / meanings / phrases and you can send it to your friends via SMS.



English Toolkit is available on the marketplace here

Start Screen Tile

Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide – App Preview

Much as the name suggests, Dragon Ball Z: Transformation Guide is a WP7.5, Mango-enabled app that chronicles the many transformations that occur throughout the hit anime series Dragon Ball, as well as its sequels, Z and GT. Within the app, find loads of high quality images, and in depth information regarding each transformation, including first appearances in both the anime series, as well as the original manga!

This app categorizes transformations by character set. Currently available character sets include Saiyan, Freeza, Cell, Buu, and new to version 1.5: Fusions!

App also includes tap-to-zoom images!

Be sure to check this app out for the fantastic price of FREE, and rate it if you like it. Also, you can e-mail the creator (that’s me) directly from the app itself, and include any suggestions you might have or like to see implemented.

Hit tower defense game, geoDefense Gets an Update

Windows Phone’s hit tower defense game, geoDefense is now receiving its version 1.4 update! This update brings a brand new LiveTile functionality to the app. When placed on the Start Screen, the LiveTile can display how many “checkmarks” and how many “stars” have been earned!

For those who haven’t played geoDefense, it’s a fantastic game where you set up defenses against enemies that attempt to reach the end of the path. Upgrade your defenses using the points earned from defeating the enemies! Each level has a set amount of “lives” and if the number of enemies that reach the end is greater than that number, you lose! However, if it is less than the number of lives, you win, with a “checkmark” for the level. If none get to the end, you earn a “star” for the level.

Head past the break for more info and screenshots of the game!

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Baconit 2.0 : The best Reddit app for Windows Phone gets a major update

Dear Narwhals, time to go crazy. Unarguably the best Reddit app on Windows Phone, Baconit has just gotten an update to version 2.0 and it’s pretty great. The developers have taken only four months to reach version two and still kept the app completely free yet awesome. The list of changes is pretty huge, from endless scrolling everywhere to a major rewrite of the app to added .gif support and a lot of bug fixes, your Reddit time is about to get a lot better.

Don’t let me keep you waiting, you can grab the free version here  and donation variant here.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

* Main Landing

o Completely rewritten

o Added Recent tiles

o Made subreddit list scroll larger

o Moved many of the feature links around to make more sense.

* SubReddit Viewer

o Viewed stories now have a different title color to indicate what has already been seen.

o Endless scrolling work 100% of the time

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* Message Inbox

o Rewrote much of it for speed and reliability

o Added sending response when replying to a message, the UI will show a waiting screen until it receives sent confirmation

* Story Details

o Rewrote much of the loading code to make it quicker and more reliable

o Made first comment bar color much brighter than the others

o Story header collapse after comments are scrolled

o Fixed “No comments” bug

o Fixed story to story linking

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

o Pressing up vote or down vote after it is already now neutralizes the vote

o Double tapping a parent of collapsed children now un-collapses the children

* Profile View

o Main user account now also show liked, disliked, and hidden

o “Karma” spelling fixed

o Date is now formatted to system date format

* Reddit Image Viewer

o Added .gif support – for some

o Added NSFW block screen – Tap to show an image that was marked NSFW

o Fixed Image not saving to phone issue

o Added double tap to make image go full screen and double tap to get back

o Fixed returning to the wrong Image

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* General

o Live tiles no longer need to update to change to new accent colors

o New Live tile background for to show link and comment karma

o New ”new message” live tile icon for some live tiles

o Bug Fixes

o Speed Improvements

* Background Updater

o Added crashing reporting

o Added ability to render live tile images

o Mostly rewritten for bug fixes / speed improvements


Wanna get married? Get the Bharat Matrimony app for Windows Phone

If you live in India, you know about the craziness that are Indian marriages. If you don’t, well you have probably heard some stories anyway. Before the marriage comes the hunt for a suitable partner and that’s where Bharat Matrimony comes in. They are the biggest online matchmaking site in India and now they are making it even easier to access their service by providing a mobile app for Windows Phone.

Going by the description in marketplace, the app seems pretty full-featured. Have a look:, where more marriages happen than anywhere in the world, is the most preferred destination by 80% of Indians looking for a life partner.

BharatMatrimony is also featured in the Limca Book of records for highest number of documented marriages online.

After establishing a strong leadership in the Internet space, BharatMatrimony has entered the mobile domain to add convenience and speed to life partner search.

The BharatMatrimony FREE Windows Mobile App will help users connect to their life partner anywhere and anytime. Using the application you can:

 Register and create your profile just as you would do online
 Search for suitable Brides or Grooms matching your preference
 Contact members through Express Interest or Personalised Messages
 Reply to the Interests and Messages that you have received
 All activities done on your mobile will be seamlessly integrated with the site

Get started! Your life partner is waiting to be discovered.

So, if you are looking to find your life partner on the go, download the app!


Wp7 App preview: ECG Viewer

ecg viewerIf you were curious as to what doctors see when they look at your ECG, here is an app that might satisfy your curiosity. ECG Viewer was made by a student of impact lab at Arizona State University, and lets you see the heart rate at various heart rates and parameter values. It can also simulate a heart attack and show you how the ECG changes when it happens.

ecg viewer screenshot

The marketplace description reads:

ECGViewerPrelim is an educational app that helps to learn about heart signals or electrocardiogram (ECG). It generates realistic ECG signals from a well known model, ECGSyn, developed by Mcsherry et al. This app does not use any personal data or does not need to sense ECG from the user. Using this app, one can learn about the characteristics of a typical ECG signal, such as P,Q,R,S, and T waves, simulate arrhythmia and learn how it affects the ECG signal, see the effects of changing the heart rate, or the amplitude of the different waves in ECG. Overall this is an app that educates people about heart signals in a fun way.

The main features of this app are:

  1. Veiw a normal default ECG
  2. Start and Stop buttons for streaming control
  3. Change heart rate using the slider
  4. Simulate arrhythmia or heart attack
  5. Change the amplitude of the different waves in ECG

The main contributor of this app is Ayan Banerjee, a PhD student at Arizona State University. The theory behind this app is documented in a paper "GeM-REM: Generative Model-driven Resource-efficient ECG Monitoring in Body Sensor Networks" by Sidharth Nabar, Ayan Banerjee, andeep K.S. Gupta, and Radha Poovendran. The icon is developed by Sushovan De.

ECGViewerPrelim is free in the marketplace.

Disclaimer: the developer of this app is my roommate.


Windows Phone App showcase: Weather Flow

This neat little app has stirred up a lot of dust when it came out, and I’ve got to tell you: it’s really as impressive as people say.

We’re talking about Weather Flow, another nice app made by Gergely Orosz, who’s also responsible for other cool apps like “App Flow App Discovery”, “Cocktail Flow” and “Flashlight 7″.

This time, Gergely has brought us a wonderful weather app with rich graphics and a really smooth layout.

Check out the screenshots Gergely provides:



Now, if that doesn’t stun you, let me show you a quick video of the animations. (Please excuse the video quality… I really need to buy me a new webcam :)
Windows Phone App Review: Weather Flow

Weather Flow really gives you smooth and amazing graphics, vivid animations, live tiles, and up to date data.


This is the official app description from the marketplace:

Introducing the most beautiful weather app. The one with the best live tiles. Ever.

Don’t let bad weather take you by surprise! Whether it’s raining, cloudy, clear, warm or cold, Weather Flow will provide you with current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts. Forecasts and weather conditions are provided for your city and multiple locations around the world.

Pin your current location on your screen and the two sided live tile will show not only the current conditions, but also how the weather will be compared to yesterday and if it’s a good idea to pack an umbrella. Add multiple cities to the app and switch between them to see what their weather is like – perfect for when you’re planning to travel. Spice up the visuals by switching between a Metro theme and a visually rich theme, using which ever you’re in the mood for.

The app costs USD 1.99 and has ranked 4/5 Stars at the time of writing with 41 reviews so far. We’d highly recommend you try the application.

Get the app at the WindowsPhone Marketplace.




WPSauce Dev Spotlight : Prasanth Guruprasad [ Habit Tracker ]

Hello Readers, This week the Spotlight is on Prasanth Guruprasad – who has developed apps for Windows Phone. One of his apps for Windows Phone is Habit Tracker, which tracks your habits the KISS way [ Keep it Simple and Silly]. We interviewed Prasanth. Some Excerpts.


WPSauce: So Prasanth , what do you do for a Living ?

I am a coder. I work for ThoughtWorks as an Application developer.

WPSauce: Since when have you been making apps for Windows Phone ?

Since this January 2012 . I just started with it after the Nokia devices came out in India.

WPSauce: Do you develop apps for other Mobile Platforms too ?

I tried one app in Android, but that was just playing around. The Android platform is not as easy to develop for as the Windows phone platform.

WPSauce: What are your other apps on the Marketplace ? Please provide links

Habit tracker, Thoughtblogs and Shoporific(Yet to release).

WPSauce: What is the secret ingredient for a good app ?

Simplicity, a clean interface and a good experience. When you are writing mobile apps, developers have to start thinking a lot about the UI.


WPSauce: How did you get the idea for HabitTracker ?

It was to help me to start doing my hobbies more regularly and get more focused on doing those. I started tracking how often I study in a week on the app and it was a great guide.

WPSauce: What are the features that you are planning to bring to HabitTracker in future ?

I am planning two more features: Live tiles, and a calendar page where you will be able to see on what days of the month you have been doing your activities

WPSauce: Can we expect Live Tiles for the app ?

Yes. That is one thing that every windows phone app needs to have to distinguish it from other platforms


If you are an Indian Developer and want to be featured on the WPSauce Dev Spotlight – Drop in a mail to or reach us via the Contact Page.

Pavan Bhattad

WPSauce Dev Spotlight : Pavan Bhattad [ Indian Rail App ]

Hello Readers – Welcome to WPSauce Dev Spotlight . This week, the Spotlight is on Pavan Bhattad , The face behind Indian Rail App. We had earlier reviewed the app here. If you are an Indian Developer and want to be featured on the WPSauce Dev Spotlight – Drop in a mail to or reach us via the Contact Page.
So Pavan , what do you do for a Living ?

I am a software engineer and work in Windows team in Microsoft.

Since when have you been making apps for Windows Phone ?

I started working learning and developing since April 2011.

Do you develop apps for other Mobile Platforms too ?


Which ones do you work on ? Which ones do you find lucrative for a developer and why ?

I did one for Symbian but didn’t publish it. Initially it was iOs platform which inspired me to develop apps. I did some initial study and found that without mac I cannot proceed. So was looking for other options. 

What attracted you to Windows Phone Development ?

Microsoft gifted Windows Phone to all employees. I was amazed by the design and uniqueness of the phone and felt that this platform will thrive in the long run, compared to others. Being Microsoft employee, I got the leverage of free developer registrations, ample learning material, participation in internal distribution lists etc. and it helped to clear all my doubts.

What are your other apps on the Marketplace ?

Other two apps I developed are Eggs and 2 INR

What is the secret ingredient for a good app ?

Simple, Fast, Metro Style, Intuitive. If it is a informative app, then it should have dynamic content.
What are the features that you are planning to bring to IndianRail in future ?
  • Pinning Bookmarked PNR and Saved Train schedule to the start screen.
  • Automatic updating PNR status.
  • Location based alarm, to notify when the destination station is approaching.

Can we expect Live Tiles for the app ?

 Yes, very soon.
How is the Indian App Market Scenario on the Windows Phone Marketplace ? ( The Developer Scenario as well as the User Scenario )

Indian users do not have the habit of purchasing apps as of now. So chances of the paid apps getting hit are low. But I guess ad supported apps can get good revenue from Indian users. Many good apps can be developed for Indian Market, but very few companies have API’s which would allow to fetch their content. If companies develop their back-end infrastructure and expose API’s to developers, many decent apps can be developed which will benefit companies, developers and users.

Any Message you would like to share with Windows Phone Sauce Readers ?

The Windows Phone is one of the best platforms for developers to show their creativity. Also its still naive compared to ios and andriod. Getting a head start early would be quite advantageous for developers. There are plenty of forums, blog posts with lot of code samples along with MSDN documention which will help you clear any doubts within few minutes.

As a Developer, what are the features you want in the upcoming versions of Windows Phone

First thing is pubcenter registration for Indian developers

   Some of the features I would love to see in Windows phone are:

  •     Live cubes instead of Live tiles.
  •     Bluetooth support.
  •     Push notification alerts stack.(so that I never miss Tango/Whatspp or any other app’s alerts)
  •     Battery status notification in percentage in Lock screen.
  •     Copy+Paste in dial pad.
  •     Ability to configure and call one number along with emergency numbers that can be called even with locked screen.(Will help if some one’s phone is lost.)
  •     Easy customization of live tiles for developers


Windows Phone Nokia India

Windows Phone App Review : Indian Rail App

I travel a lot by trains.  In fact so much, that I am responsible for 50% of revenues for Indian Railways ( Ok I am exaggerating but you guys get the point, right ?). I usually check for a train availability via the Indian Rail website. One look at it, and you will understand why I hate it.  Too many ads and very unreliable website. To get a seat availability on the train between two stations, I have to check the codes for the station and then come back and then put in the data and then get the result . OH ! and not to forget the thousands of ad popups that ask me to get a Travel Insurance (Yes, exactly what I need while planning a travel).

There are other sites too like IRCTC, ClearTrip which have good UI but then again they are not really mobile friendly. Since I am on the move most of the time, I wanted a mobile app. And that is when I stumbled upon IndianRail App on the Marketplace.

The App really looks beautiful as it tries to emulate Windows Phone’s Tiles interface and has various sections displayed as Tiles.

Screen Capture (5)

The App has 5 sections

1) Train Schedule : Lets me check any train’s schedule by entering the train number. I can also Save the Train Schedule in this app

2) PNR : One of the best features – It lets me see if my ticket has been confirmed or still waitlisted. I can also bookmark the PNR number for faster access

3) Travel Plan : Quite an extensive feature, Lets me see how many tickets are available in different classes on a given day between two stations.

4) Train Live Status : Live Update of the train which shows actual / expected time of the train in a nice table format

5) Passing By Trains : List of Trains that pass by a certain station in the time frame that the user sets.

I am in love with this app. I use this regularly and one thing I totally heart is how it displays different stations and pops up suggestions when I type the station name. Also the way the stations are displayed in the list ( in the same way , how your music is displayed in Zune on Windows Phone ) is good !

Screen Capture (6)Screen Capture (7)

It all just fits in and the Developer Pavan Bhattad has taken care the app emulates the look and feel of Windows Phone ! The Developer regularly provides updates for the app every now and then.

You can find Indian Rail App on Marketplace here.

P.S : At WPSauce, we are starting with reviewing apps which cater to the Indian Marketplace or are developed by Indian Windows Phone Developers. If you are a Windows Phone Developer from India and have developed some good apps – Drop me a mail at karthik[at]wpsauce[dot]com (or use and I will get back to you.