Lumia Storage Check beta updated – now store your offline map data on SD Card!

Nokia detailed their latest “should have been made by Microsoft in the first place” Lumia exclusive application – Storage Check. As the name suggest – Storage check gives you a visual look at storage management on your device. There are separate sections for applications, games and media. You can also take a look at how much space individual application is taking and most importantly – you can clear out temporary storage as well. Storage Check was made available on specific firmware last week but some users faced issues in the application while most didn’t get access to it. Nokia’s betalabs however has released an updated version of the application, now in beta stages, to be made available for download.

Complete change log here.

The most nifty addition to the list is that you can now store your offline maps in SD card. I am sure lot of you guys are struggling with the “Other Storage” issue or having trouble living with inbuilt storage (like me) – this feature will be extremely useful.



Next ideal step? Get applications to be stored on SD Card. If Gameloft and other publishers keeps releasing those 1GB+ games, there is going to be a lot of demand for it soon.

Get the application from BetaLabs and do check the minimum firmware requirement before you proceed.



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