Unsurprisingly, Lumia 620 launch delayed in India to first week of March

Nokia India is at it again. First Lumia 920 and 820 launch delay and now the widely anticipated Lumia 620 launch has been delayed, according to Nokia spokersperson. Lumia 620 was supposed to launch in the first week of February for under 15,000 Rupees but now the launch has been delayed to the first week of March. Sources at  IBNLive suggests the pricing on the phone will be less than 20k rupees. There could be number of reasons for this price bump, one major reason being: Demand. Under 15k segment is a huge market and this is the first time in years that Nokia has such an incrediblly powerful phone at this price and the best part is that it’s running Windows Phone 8. The reviews of this phone are great and the early pricing indication by Nokia calling it a phone priced between Lumia 710 and 510 making it the most exciting phone in it’s range has naturally resulted in an incredible demand for this phone. This month, one of India’s largest mobile phone company Micromax released a powerful Android phone in same price range and shockingly – it is selling 25 units per minute. Just sit back and comprehend the whole situation. Not a very well established brand, like Nokia, Micromax is selling 25 units per minute of a phone running stock android Jellybean that has an iPS panel 5 inch display, quad core, etc. It’s high on power and it’s being sold like hotcakes – mobile making done right. If Nokia could sell as many Lumias as Micromax sold Canvas HD – it would be a huge boost to the company but it’s been delayed here in India for some reason.

Lumia 620 is a phone that deserves to sell well but how long can one wait for a Lumia 620 and not get excited by a phone that everyone else is buying? Nokia needs to launch 620 immediately and stick with it’s previous pricing if it wants Lumia 620 to succeed in India. I cannot stress enough how important 620 is for India. Just like Lumia 510/610 saved WP7 scene for Nokia – 620 can do it better and do it alone.

Just a quick heads as a lot of people are waiting for this device, will be interesting to see how many give up waiting for it.

via @vasudevg