How to watch streams on Windows Phone

Not only do I love gaming but I also love watching other people play live. is my go to website for game related live stream – fantastic community – excellent streams and most importantly, it’s free. There’s one big problem though, offers video streams in flash so there’s no way to watch the stream on mobile unless there’s a mobile application for it. Unfortunately for the users, Twitch doesn’t really care about Twitch app for Windows Phone. I sort of got tired of waiting for one and then finally gave up hope altogether.

Yesterday, I found this amazing application called FlashVide​o+TubeMusi​c, which added stream support very recently. What it will do is scan the webpage and stream the video directly to your device. It works incredibly well and I recommend you buy this application for the amazing number of websites it supports besides Twitch. There’s one problem though, there’s no comment with video which I’d love to see but then again, I don’t think it’s possible to do that for third party developer. Hit the download link below for some love because I don’t see it coming for WP8 anytime soon.


 FlashVide​o+TubeMusi​c for Windows Phone download link


Quick tip for the interested folks. More WP8 tips coming really soon, I finally have a Windows Phone 8 unit :)

p.s – it’s the HTC 8X

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