Lumia 820 and lumia 920 finally available at Flipkart, 920 widely available at retail stores in India along with 820

The wait is over. Nokia Priority stores are finally giving out Lumia 920s to customers in multiple cities across India. The stock is expected to sell out everywhere considering the pre booking numbers. I have personally witnessed people pay more than the pre booking amount just to get the device first and of course – priority for pre booking customers. Lumia 920 is being sold at 38,199 Rupees and Lumia 820 at Rs 27,599. I took a visit to Priorty store couple of days back and I haven’t seen such amazing response in ages. It feels like the N series era. Even the Priority guys were shocked to see so many orders and interest from people even though the device is one of the costliest device in the Indian market. Lot of positive signs for Nokia in India. Lumia 820 isn’t seeing the same traction unfortunately and my city didn’t even receive demo units however it’s supposed to be available for purchase this week.

Flipkart has also made both the Lumia WP8 devices available for purchase with an offer. No, no free accessories unfortunately but you get ” Zero Processing Fee on EMIs: 3,6,9 months” and offer valid till 18th January which gives you 2 days so hurry up.

Lumia 820 Flipkart page

Lumia 920 Flipkart page

There’s a couple of things I wished Nokia would have done:


  • Offered free accessories to pre order customers. Note that the accessories are still unavailable and pricing not yet revealed.
  • Priced Lumia 820 under 25k. Don’t see this picking up any momentum at this price. I think probably a month or two wait and we’ll be there.
  • Made Lumia 620 available ASAP. Lumia 620 if priced as stated will be a bestseller hands down. It’s absolutely perfect in every way in it’s price range. Make people aware of this phone by starting pre orders and marketing campaign early. 620 is a big moment for Nokia India and I think they should put in all they have for 620 launch. It’s going to be a huge success, hopefully. It will be the phone to put WP8 in average consumer’s hand.

Anyways, the devices are here. 620 coming early February. Our wait is over. India, time to  #switchtoLumia


7 thoughts on “Lumia 820 and lumia 920 finally available at Flipkart, 920 widely available at retail stores in India along with 820”

  1. I think this site gets updates after everyone in this world know about it. very lazy updates…not sure why its running…

      1. well I am hoping to see this site to get some life…that will be good to see. felt so happy to understand that someone at this site looks at their own site once in a week.

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