How to watch streams on Windows Phone

Not only do I love gaming but I also love watching other people play live. is my go to website for game related live stream – fantastic community – excellent streams and most importantly, it’s free. There’s one big problem though, offers video streams in flash so there’s no way to watch the stream on mobile unless there’s a mobile application for it. Unfortunately for the users, Twitch doesn’t really care about Twitch app for Windows Phone. I sort of got tired of waiting for one and then finally gave up hope altogether.

Yesterday, I found this amazing application called FlashVide​o+TubeMusi​c, which added stream support very recently. What it will do is scan the webpage and stream the video directly to your device. It works incredibly well and I recommend you buy this application for the amazing number of websites it supports besides Twitch. There’s one problem though, there’s no comment with video which I’d love to see but then again, I don’t think it’s possible to do that for third party developer. Hit the download link below for some love because I don’t see it coming for WP8 anytime soon.


 FlashVide​o+TubeMusi​c for Windows Phone download link


Quick tip for the interested folks. More WP8 tips coming really soon, I finally have a Windows Phone 8 unit :)

p.s – it’s the HTC 8X


Lumia 820 and lumia 920 finally available at Flipkart, 920 widely available at retail stores in India along with 820

The wait is over. Nokia Priority stores are finally giving out Lumia 920s to customers in multiple cities across India. The stock is expected to sell out everywhere considering the pre booking numbers. I have personally witnessed people pay more than the pre booking amount just to get the device first and of course – priority for pre booking customers. Lumia 920 is being sold at 38,199 Rupees and Lumia 820 at Rs 27,599. I took a visit to Priorty store couple of days back and I haven’t seen such amazing response in ages. It feels like the N series era. Even the Priority guys were shocked to see so many orders and interest from people even though the device is one of the costliest device in the Indian market. Lot of positive signs for Nokia in India. Lumia 820 isn’t seeing the same traction unfortunately and my city didn’t even receive demo units however it’s supposed to be available for purchase this week.

Flipkart has also made both the Lumia WP8 devices available for purchase with an offer. No, no free accessories unfortunately but you get ” Zero Processing Fee on EMIs: 3,6,9 months” and offer valid till 18th January which gives you 2 days so hurry up.

Lumia 820 Flipkart page

Lumia 920 Flipkart page

There’s a couple of things I wished Nokia would have done:


  • Offered free accessories to pre order customers. Note that the accessories are still unavailable and pricing not yet revealed.
  • Priced Lumia 820 under 25k. Don’t see this picking up any momentum at this price. I think probably a month or two wait and we’ll be there.
  • Made Lumia 620 available ASAP. Lumia 620 if priced as stated will be a bestseller hands down. It’s absolutely perfect in every way in it’s price range. Make people aware of this phone by starting pre orders and marketing campaign early. 620 is a big moment for Nokia India and I think they should put in all they have for 620 launch. It’s going to be a huge success, hopefully. It will be the phone to put WP8 in average consumer’s hand.

Anyways, the devices are here. 620 coming early February. Our wait is over. India, time to  #switchtoLumia


Lumia 620 unlocked coming to Clove on January 28th, pre order now!

Lumia 620 was announced at Le Web last year and since then, it’s been touted as the WP8 hero device for emerging markets (just like Lumia 610 and 510 saved Nokia’s WP7 brigade in emerging markets). Lumia 620 was announced with a price tag of $250 and stated by Nokia that devices will be available first in Asia and Europe starting January. Lumia 620 is already available in China and pre orders are starting in January, according to WMPU . Nokia already announced Lumia 620 availability with multiple carriers in February for UK – but now has a date for a SIM Free Lumia 620. is selling Lumia 620 for £189+VAT (£226.80 inclusive) in black color. The availability date is set as “due week commencing 28th January”.


Clove UK lumia 620 pre order

Clove UK lumia 620 pre order


The availability for India is rumored as late January – so we’ll keep you updated about official date. Nokia India is doing an event on 10th January and WPSauce will be there, you can expect some WP8 goodies from the event. Stay tuned for more.

Source: Clove blog

Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 available for preorder on, availability stated for 12th January in India

The excitement for Lumia 920 and 820 here in India is unparalleled. Everybody is eagerly awaiting for the launch of Lumia WP8 devices in India. False. Nobody is because 80% of the crowd is tired of waiting for these devices and have opted for something else. So for those of you (including me) who are still waiting for the launch, we had a breather for you last time around and from the buzz created around the post, I may be wrong on the 20% but not too far away from it. today updated their website with details of Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 pre order. Lumia 920 is available for pre order for Rs 40,000 while Lumia 820 is up for pre order for 30,000 Rupees. The important point here is they do not know the exact price but whatever the final price is – it’s  below the pre order price (According to them, 35-40k for 920 and 25-30k for 820) so you will get a refund before delivery. Both 920 and 820 are stated to be available on 12th January and expected to be delivered in 5-7 days. Both the devices are up on pre order in 4 colors.

To be really honest with you, I don’t see the point of pre ordering – there’s no incentive to pre order. But for those of you who really want to, we have provided the links below:

Lumia 920 pre order page

Lumia 820 pre order page

What does it say about the actual pricing of both of the devices – I’d say not much but I think we have a good range in which you can fit in both the devices and quite frankly, it was expected. What disturbs me is the pricing for Lumia 820, if it’s on the upper bound of given range then I am more than certain that it’s going to be a Lumia 800 scenario all over again. It won’t work. What Nokia needs is to price it under 25k and price Lumia 920 under 35k – only then they have a chance to grab the majority of the high end crowd which is already a small subset but profit margins are pretty good in this subset which is why company may plan to take another chance.

The pricing and availability details from Nokia will be up really soon so stay tuned here for official updates.