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HTC announces pricing for 8X and 8S in India: priced sensibly at Rs 35,000 and Rs 19,260 respectively

This week, HTC announced 8X and 8S for Indian market and stated their availability couple of days back as early November, in fact they teased a “coming next week” post for their Winter Collection and from their post today on Facebook 8X (along with HTC One X+ ) are the Winter Collection devices so we can see them available in market as early as next week. HTC India however surprised us with pricing today. Not only did they surprise us with the time of pricing but also the way they have priced the devices. HTC was the first company in India to bring out Windows Phone 7 devices, it was initially sent to all Microsoft India employees, and some unlucky ones (like yours truly) had to pay for HTC Mozart (mostly because HD7 the only other phone was too big). They priced the phone at utmost ridiculous pricing and this trend was followed by Nokia which I firmly believe is one of the reason why Windows Phone 7 didn’t do so well in India. Enough blabbering, back to the point.

HTC India has announced 8X for Rupees 35,023 and 8S for Rs 19,260. Both the phones are aptly priced in my opinion however I would like to point out that 8S pricing by HTC is going to be an incredible sales booster. This is very aggressive and that is how exactly they should have been from the very beginning. The phones will be up for purchase next week. 

Do you think now Nokia will price 820 at similar pricing as 8S and give it a competition or price it at a slightly premium 25k and price 920 at 40k and face similar fate as Windows Phone 7? We’ll find out really soon!

More info at FoneArena

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