Yes, Multi tasking has been finally fixed in Windows Phone 8 with Fast Resume (Video)

Why did we not hear about this in the announcement yesterday? Anyways, looks like Microsoft has successfully implemented one of the two most requested WP8 feature – True mutli tasking (the other being Notification center which sadly is missing). Microsoft has come up with Fast Resuming – detailed here. Windows Phone 7 has Fast App Switching where you can save the state of your application and switch to and fro other applications however if you choose to open the application again from outside the multi tasking stack – it will open a new instance and you will lose your state. This was frustrating and Microsoft has fixed this in Windows Phone 8. What Fast resuming does is that it resumes the state of the running application instead of creating a new instance. Here’s a video of this in action, made by Dhruv Bhutani  


Developers must note that they need to implement this into their application – which also means that WP7 apps won’t have Fast Resume by default and I am assuming it’s going to take some time for developers to code it into their applications. Developers, please follow the steps noted here to make your app implement Fast Resume.

We’ll be posting about some more SDK bits since the new SDK is tasty and incredibly fun (NFC, Bluetooth, etc) – so we can’t wait to share some details with you. Stay tuned for more Windows Phone 8!

4 thoughts on “Yes, Multi tasking has been finally fixed in Windows Phone 8 with Fast Resume (Video)”

  1. Dansus yes it is… but…. it works properly now. It brought the user right back to the point where he/she left off. Not having to log back in and/or reload the data in the app. HUUUUUUGE difference

  2. Just to let people know – the SDK documentation is a little wonky. If you want to offer Fast Resume, you need to delete a whole load of code that comes in the default App.xaml.cs template. If you don’t, then even with Fast Resume enabled the Back Stack is automatically cleared.

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