More Nokia Lumia 510 camera roll pictures leak on the web, confirms presence in India

Eagle eyed folks at PocketNow discovered  a picture on Picasa whose exif data plans revealed the model of a much anticipated device – Lumia 510. Right now, we know very little about Lumia 510 except for a fact that it’s exactly what we told you about back in August. Yes, it will be the cheapest Lumia yet and will run on Windows Phone 7.5. The device is expected to be priced around $150 and will be available after the launch of Windows phone 8 devices. The exif data, as reported by Pocketnow, showed an aperture of f/2.4 which isn’t too bad for a $150 device. My friend Himanshu Rathore did some digging at Google+ and found two more pictures clicked via Lumia 510. Check out here and here.

Lumia 510 India

Lumia 510 India

The pictures were uploaded by a guy called “Dinu Love” on Google+ and from his profile – he works at Leading Edge Communication Pvt Ltd which is a Delhi based company (according to CEO’s linkedin profile). The uploader himself is based in Delhi and from the look of it – he definitely is in India. So Lumia 510 is definitely being tested in India and this validates our initial report of a low price point WP 7.5 Lumia phone coming soon to India and China. The question is: What in the world is an unreleased Nokia Lumia device doing in the hands of a person in a relatively unknown company and even if it is being tested – why is the person clicking pictures and publicly posting them all over the web? How did this device get in his hands? What has Nokia done about this? We’ll keep you updated on Nokia’s response regarding this issue.

Lumia 510 could have been an excellent launch device in India along with 800 and 710 but unfortunately, it’s being introduced too late.

Source pic: GSMArena

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