Nokia India makes the right decision ~ 30% price cut on Lumia 800 plus free Nokia purity headsets by Monster

I believe my ranting paid off. Dhruv from FoneArena discovered a Saholic listing price cut of Lumia 800 and he has been able to confirm that this indeed is an official price cut and you will soon see this reflect at both online and offline stores. Lumia 800 on Saholic has been priced at 18867 Rupees and not only that but you also get a free Nokia purity headset by Monster, worth Rs. 5110 which makes it a really sweet deal. The other devices in the Lumia family didn’t get any price cut unfortunately (they are appropriately priced as well, I’d say – atleast at offline stores). Now with the launch of Lumia 510 and it’s supposed under 11k price tag – Lumia family looks bold and now – affordable. Listing below:



We posted about Nokia’s Diwali plan last week where they offered free accessory with Nokia Lumia device and I argued about how the lack of price cut will affect sales at the most crucial period of mobile phone sale at this point of time, which would be Diwali.  It looks like sense has prevailed (or we are seeing some pressure from retailers ) and the right thing has been done. Hopefully market will appreciate the price cut and Lumia sales see some boom. Personally, I’d predict 510 and 610 to lead the chart this Diwali. Oh, you guys remember Lumia 900 sitting pretty at a ridiculous price tag? No? Me neither.

Embedded below is the Nokia India Diwali TVC featuring Priyanka Chopra and the Lumia family:

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