Nokia announces Lumia 510 for India, launching next month – to be priced under 11k Rupees!

Press folks and bloggers were invited to a “Nokia’s gift for Diwali” event today and we were pretty sure that it’s going to be Lumia 510 launch. And indeed today, Nokia India just unveiled Lumia 510 for the Indian market. The specs are as follows: 4inch display (WVGA) , 4 GB memory, 256 MB RAM, 5 MP Camera and a 800 MHz processor. Lumia 510 also comes with free 3 month pass to unlimited Nokia Music and Mix radio streaming. What’s worth noting is that there is still no concrete selling price information yet but < 11k is what the press has been told. Lumia 510 will come in 5 colors. 510 owners will also get access to 7 GB of free Skydrive space.

Lumia 610 owners, I don’t know if I should call this an upgrade or a cheaper brother of 610 but you must note that 510 has a larger display (4″ v/s 3.7″) but less memory (4GB v/s 8GB on 610).

Here’s the official video from Nokia:

Here’s a couple of pictures from UnleashThePhones and BGRIndia right from the launch event:



So Lumia 510 is Nokia’s Diwali gift to India. A couple of posts back I ranted about how Nokia is missing out on huge opportunity by not getting WP8 devices ready for Diwali (I stick with my stance) and in the process cutting prices for WP 7.x devices. Lumia 510 can actually sell really well on Diwali which is next month. Nokia is planning to release the device under 11k Rupees (as told to the press today) but I am thinking if they go to <10k or even better <9k – Windows Phone can really see a turnaround in sales in India. This is what was required on Day one when Nokia launched 800 and 710 in India. It’s a little funny and sad at the same time that such an important an import device is coming out when Windows Phone 8 launch is on the horizon.

Nokia needs to drag Samsung out of the Under 10k market that Nokia once ruled – this is a step in the right direction but we need more variants of 510 to actually make a dent in the market. If Nokia can get a WP8 to be this dirt cheap – I think we may have a chance to see Windows Phone go mainstream in India.

More details on the official Lumia 510 page.

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