HTC Windows Phone 8

HTC to launch Windows Phone 8 devices 8X and 8S in India next week!

HTC 8X is the flagship Windows Phone 8 device we have all been waiting for – take a look at how critics absolutely loved this device  while they weren’t too impressed with Windows Phone 8 OS  (which I tend to agree with). HTC 8S however is the one to watch out for in Indian market – it is supposedly the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device and is expected to sell at <  25k Rupees (my estimation – I could be wrong though) while 8X is expected to sell at Rs 35,000.  Windows Phone 8 was launched last week and Microsoft announced global availability in November. Both HTC and Nokia are coming up with devices next month and looks like HTC is ahead of the race already: HTC India posted a Facebook update confirming the availability of HTC WP8 devices as early as next week. Why the hurry? Now is the time I’d like to redirect you to couple of my previous brief rants here and here. Yes, it’s all about Diwali. Diwali is on 13th of November which gives us 13 days. Diwali is THE festival where people save up money all year to invest in their favorite gadgets, companies take months to plan out their Diwali strategy so it is incredibly important for any company to come up with exciting products during this time. HTC is doing the correct thing by bringing their devices to the market right before Diwali – if marketed, promoted and priced well – HTC could be in for a  treat this Diwali. We’ll update you very soon with official pricing. Stay tuned.

ProTip – Price 8S at 20,000 Rupees, HTC and I can guarantee you a bestseller this Diwali.

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