Lenovo in negotiation to join the Windows Phone gang

The upcoming Windows Phone 8 has attracted significant attention from major OEMs, including Chinese PC & phone maker Lenovo. Quite some time ago we saw pictures of Lenovo LePhone running Windows Phone 7. And apparently Lenovo is trying to formally get aboard with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.

According to WPDang, Lenovo recently has sent executives of its R&D division to Redmond, negotiating with Microsoft about the possibility of joining the Windows Phone gang.

WPDang also notes that Lenovo is trying to gain more freedom on the UI customization of Windows Phone OS. On the LePhone OS (modified Android), the company has invested heavily into UI design and its own app store. Natually it will want to keep as many achievements as possible. With Microsoft’s unified UI policy to date, we doubt if Lenovo could get anywhere with that plead. But well, we will see… Customized app store won’t be any problem though.

Meanwhile as the world’s leading PC maker, Lenovo has already produced several Windows 8 PC/tablet prototypes, including units based on the freshly introduced Windows RT (for ARM processors).

Source: WPDang

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