Finally, Lumia 900 is formally coming to China

Technically the Lumia 900 is in China already, for some time. As a country with very strict import regulations and therefore one of the most advanced black market systems in the world, Lumia 900 phones were immediately available to early Chinese¬†adopters as soon as it hit the market in the US. But now it’s formally coming to China, with proper localization, necessary rip-offs (SNS integration and Xbox Live, to name a few).

According to Chinese Windows Phone site WPDang, the Chinese version of Lumia 900 will be formally launched on June the 16th, coming with a bluetooth headphone for each purchase, just like current Lumia 800 packages.

The price might be problematic though. As speculated by WPDang, the Chinese version of Lumia 900 might be tagged “slightly more expensive than PureView 808″, which in turn has already open to pre-order in China, at 4,688 CNY (736 USD). That’s not a very favorable price, especially when you consider the Lumia 900 really doesn’t too much bells & whistles packed in it. PureView 808 at least has that shocking 41MP imaging sensor. But Lumia 900…?

For your record, the price of iPhone 4S at the Apple Store now starts from 4,988 CNY¬†(783 USD), right in the same rank of Lumia 900 if WPDang’s speculation turns out to be true. That doesn’t give Nokia much advantage in the competition.

Meanwhile, smuggled Lumia 900 from Southeast Asia are currently available in Chinese blackmarkets from as low as 3,700 CNY. Aside from competitors, Nokia will likely have a heated battle against its own product.

Let’s see if Nokia fine-tunes the price at the very last moment. As can be seen in the replies to WPDang’s post, user reactions to the “slightly higher than 4,688 CNY” price now vary from disappointed to outrage.

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