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Elop: Windows Phones just aren’t selling well

In an attempt to explain the recent financial problems that Nokia has undergone, including some recent firings and corporate restructuring., Stephen Elop has some interesting commentary for Windows Phone sales: it’s not selling all too well.

Stephen Elop blamed the lack of Windows Phone not selling being due to customer service repesentatives who sell mobile devices in stores, a position that Elop candidly stated previously. Elop goes on to argue:

The challenge in all of this is breaking through the strength Android and Apple have in a retail environment

We aren’t getting the traction we prefer.

In an attempt to solve the problem with lack of selling, Nokia will try to lower the manufacture costs of Windows Phone to ranges below the Lumia 610 and try to break into the Chinese markets with the help of Microsoft. The amazing aspect of trying to create a cheaper Windows Phone is Nokia had the market of budget and cheap phones as of the end of 2010; prior to the burning platform speech Nokia made to shed Symbian and go full on with Windows Phone. And yet, Windows Phone is not selling, the retailers are blamed.

That isn’t to say that Elop’s argument lacks any merit because the argument is very true in America prior to the Lumia 900 release in America. But in the time since the Lumia 900, and the CSR training, giving out handsets to employees to make them very savvy of Windows Phone, the retail channel argument is getting a bit dated. At least in Chicago, IL where CSRs almost force the Lumia 900 down anyone’s throats for a period of time.

Commentary aside, is it time for Nokia to shift gears a moment due to the lack of selling?

11 thoughts on “Elop: Windows Phones just aren’t selling well”

  1. maybe if the marketplace for apps was as easy and large as both the iPhone and Android, and there were more apps for WP7 that were compatible with the other 2 OS’s..then maybe they’d be doing a bit better. That the biggest and only downfall i see with my WP7. Limited selection for apps with compatibility

  2. Here in the south of Brazil, the Lumia / Windows Phone has *way* more marketing at POS than anything else (we don’t have official apple stores). Blaming it on retail sounds like a bad excuse.

  3. Although I see a lot of WP7 marketing in Australia, if I go into a typical phone store there is typically 10x as many Android phones on display from many different manufacturers. Nokia can’t expect to take on the whole of the Android market.

  4. “The challenge in all of this is breaking through the strength Android and Apple have in a retail environment”
    WTF, it’s NOKIA! Who has(had) the best retail presence/distribution?
    Elop fucked up, plain and simple. He got his well deserved spot in the worst CEOs list.

  5. Not going to lie I think I agree with all of the above! As for oz that is a very unique situation. Sadly

  6. WindowsPhone will never top Android or Apple. That’s just the truth. I think being behind those 2 could turn out to be a good thing. It means us WP users will get a lot more for the money.

  7. Until Microsoft unable to solve basic problems like mount your phone to your computer as a thumb drive or handle multiple calendars it wont be a killer phone however Nokia made an epic hardware.

    1. It DOES do multiple calendars. I’m running four right now. And iPhone isn’t a thumbdrive. Nor would I need my phone to be. I just don’t get that desire at all.
      I think the jury is still out on Windows Phone. I think that the simultaneous push of Windows 8 and XBox will be what begins to give Windows Phone traction. As for me, I hate Apple and Google with a passion, and would love nothing more than for both companies to completely implode.

  8. How about he blame it on HIM falling for Ballmer’s sales tactics and NOT going with Android… The only thing worse than being one of the many Android phones, is competing with all of them…

  9. I’m surprise he is still the CEO in Nokia
    Can’t anybody within the company see the problem is the new CEO??
    The Symbian Nokia was good, the only problem they have is the phone crash all the time
    They just need a better programmer. Not windows, they full of bugs and crash on their own surface presentation.
    CEO even cut out the ovi files and ovi web base sync. You are going to crash the company to less than $0.80 per share.
    Change the CEO

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