Nokia comments on LG: Samsung and HTC are committed, what’s a LG?

For anyone that follows Windows Phone news, there have been a lot of changes on the platform in the short amount of time Windows Phone has been released to the masses. Out of the original 5 OEMs that were on board for Windows Phone, Dell and LG are the argued OEMs that may show questionable commitments to Windows Phone. It doesn’t help matters when LG officially (and of course recants) bids out of Windows Phone for greener pastures at El Goog. But what do the other OEMs think of that move? We’re not sure, but we do know that Nokia has some words on LG sitting out of the Windows Phone dance.

In an interview with firecewireless, Chris Weber, Nokia’s president for the Americas has some interesting words for LG. He said he didn’t think LG was a major player to Windows Phone and them not making devices won’t have a huge impact on the Windows Phone market. Uniquely, Weber had some nicer words for Samsung and HTC:

I see significant commitment from HTC, Samsung…actually see increased momentum and commitment form a various set of OEMs on the platform.”

The comments come at a very interesting time. Rumors (well all but true) are circulating about the possibilities of the next devices released by both companies. Samsung is said to release a Galaxy SIII, and a Note running Windows Phone, and HTC is said to release devices similar in design to the One Series. This also quells some perceived competition amongst OEMs, something I’ve been saying needed to be squashed for ages.

So what does everyone think? Is Nokia extending an olive branch or a dagger here?

via: fiercewireless

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