First Windows Phone device with NFC support – Nokia Lumia 610NFC accidentally shown by Nokia (Updated)

Looks like somebody is about to get in big trouble. Apparently, a video of Lumia 610NFC being demo’d was uploaded on the official Nokia Youtube channel. Unfortunately, they video is no longer available on their youtube chan but fortunately, Bharad from Nokiabuff downloaded the video. In case you were wondering what the video was about – here are some tidbits Bharad wrote down:

The common advantages you get with NFC are being demoed in this video, like activating tags by tapping on them, and streaming over to a NFC activated wireless bluetooth speaker. Apparently, the Lumia 610NFC has support for payments and other standard NFC stuff like Mastercard paypass technology, that is slowly getting mainstream. Also, seems Orange will be the first carrier partner for this device, damn, these UK people are lucky to test NFC devices sooner. 

I have pinged Bharad for the video, he would probably he uploading the video anytime now. The post will be updated with the video soon.

In case you are wondering about the legitimacy of Lumia 610NFC – WPBench found the device last month. Does Windows Phone support NFC? I have asked this question couple of times to Windows Phone team and the answer has always been an emphatic Yes. You can’t do NFC payment without a NFC chip in a device, so it turns out most of the OEMs weren’t to willing to join the NFC bandwagon. Nokia however, the biggest pusher of NFC chipsets in smartphones, is trying something bold here. That’s how you do it, other Windows Phone OEMs.

Update 1: looks like the launch is imminent:

Update 2:  Bharad just uploaded the video, the video isn’t of the best quality but does the job:


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