OEM and carrier customization coming to Apollo? Maybe

One of the major joys that Windows Phone users can boast is the stock experience that is prevalent on all Windows Phone devices. However, OEMs may be frustrated with the lack of customization and differentiation among Windows Phones. To appease the OEMs from their dissatisfaction, some restrictions may be loosensed. According to netbooknews, Microsoft is holding a summit in Reading, UK to discuss not only customization and differentiation, but also other tidbits for Windows Phone Apollo. The topics for discussion include:

  • Apollo Review
  • Windows Phone Schedules and release plans/processes
  • Customization and Differentiation opportunities
  • New Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities
  • Feature review of Windows Phone Apollo
  • Connectivity and APN management
  • Better together with Windows 8 (we think a push to connect Apollo to Windows 8 creating synergy

Admittedly, the news comes as a shock. But maybe, just maybe, Microsoft could be taking the first steps to proactively move Windows Phone beyond the 6th ecosystem worldwide. I want customization and differentiation and as I indicated previously it is a stance that ultimately carriers also want. I admit that if it does lead to differentiation, let’s not think of it in a negative way. If it is metro, low on RAM, and low on battery, why does it have to be an ugly cacophony that cripples the overall user experience?

Think about that for a minute and let us know if you favor customization and differentiation if it is metro ui compliant, low on RAM and battery.

via: netbook news

2 thoughts on “OEM and carrier customization coming to Apollo? Maybe”

  1. The customization that currently exists is plenty.  Anything else just means OEMs and people will make their Windows Phones look as ugly as EVERY SINGLE ANDROID DEVICE.  I LOVE that I can help someone who is new to Windows Phone, without even batting an eye.  You can NEVER do that with the stupid, idiotic customization that is the chaos of Android.  PERIOD.

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