Huawei to join the Windows fleet by the end of 2012

According to WPDang’s sources, Huawei,¬†Microsoft’s “new OEM partner” who has done absolutely a grand nothing about Windows Phone yet, will make the first move by the end of this year.

The reason why Huawei has been totally dormant on the Windows Phone front, according to WPDang, is that it’s been occupied by the Android expansion program. Plus, Huawei just engaged Microsoft by the end of 2011, there’s not so much time for them to do anything significant.

But now things are changing. Huawei has reportedly assembled a Windows Phone team the size of 70 souls, plus some extra people working in the United States, closely with Microsoft. They will skip the current version of the OS, starting from Windows Phone 8 (a.k.a. “Apollo”) instead.

Huawei has worked out the design for two devices. The first one is an economic gadget, target price below 2,000 CNY (317 USD). This one will be mostly based on a certain existing Android model.

Little is known about the other device. The only sort of definitive information is that it will feature an over 4″ screen.

Aside from Windows Phone 8 devices, Huawei is also working on a Windows 8 tablet project. The product is believed to have built-in LTE module, and high definition identical to that of Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD.

One thought on “Huawei to join the Windows fleet by the end of 2012”

  1. There are 2 very interesting points in this report/rumour. One, that Huawei will make only WP8 devices, and two, that one of the devices will be a budget handset costing below CNY 2000. That price point puts it firmly in between Lumia 710 (CNY 2499) and Lumia 610 (CNY 1499), meaning that it will be a device will low end specs. Ergo, WP8 will run on low end devices. QED?

    So if this is a report and not a rumour, then most of the debate about current devices being upgradable (or not) to WP8, is meaningless.

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