HTC Titan II owners – is yours overheating?

The HTC Titan II, the second LTE device released on AT&T with the Nokia Lumia 900, is an incredible device with its massive 16 mp camera and 4.7 in. super LCD display. But does the Titan II suffer from issues like it’s brother in the HTC Titan I? Maybe

Over at reddit, tonyg623 noticed some overheating issues in the Titan II:

Hi all,
I really didn’t see any news articles about this issue,so figured I’d post about my experience.
I ended up getting a Titan ii last week. The phone is great and I really am enjoying it..
However, I was playing with it last night and it shut off out of no where. I think I was just on the home screen. After it shut off the phone got burning hot and then decided to not turn back on. There’s no way that the battery is dead because I just took it off the charger.

I can report some similar experiences of overheating both with the Titan II and the HTC One S. Is anyone else with a Titan II having some strange overheating issues? Let us know!

source: reddit

4 thoughts on “HTC Titan II owners – is yours overheating?”

    1. I also had a problem with overheating.  I have a hard case on mine and thought this might contribute to the problem.  Does anyone have any insight into whether the case may be part of the problem?

  1. My phone just died burning hot as a 40 minute phone call ended saying the battery was empty.
    I placed it in a cool room on the charger and after 3 minutes it showed the battery was half-way charged.

    i used seveneighter to install the 7.8 update and did not know if that might be a contribution to the issue?

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