Control major appliances in your home with domcontroller

The idea of using a remote control to power on and off electronics is a luxury most people have. The ability to use your smartphone to control items in your house is a logical next step that users have seen on platforms since the Windows Mobile days. And while Android, iOS, and even to a smaller extent Windows Phone provides users with control of some elements in your home, wouldn’t you like a bit more control? Worry not, Julien Schapman, creator of TouchXperience and a bevy of other tools for Windows Phone has started developing domcontroller. The program’s goal is admirable – real time control of your home from any computer, tablet, remote control, or smartphone that has access to the world wide web. In addition, the user can get notification if something goes awry. We are definitely watching this project with bated breath, but if you must see how the project is shaping up, hit up the source link.

image provided by domcontroller

Is this something you’re waiting for? Let us know.

source: domcontroller

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