Chevron Labs closes up shop

In a total shocker, ChevronWP7 Labs, the quirky guys that allowed devices to side load homebrew xaps with their initial tool and then charge tokens for a similar unlocking process, has officially announced their service as no more. In a statement, chevron labs writes:

The goal of this experiment was two-fold: First, to determine if we could supercharge the Windows Phone beginner/hobbyist community by removing the initial cost barrier (i.e. App Hub membership.) And second, to convert potential developers into published developers.

There was also some confusion about the actual purpose of the ChevronWP7 serviceAs a result, both sides amicably agreed to discontinue the ChevronWP7 Labs experiment.

However, all is not lost in the land of side loading. For the users that paid for chevron wp7 services, Microsoft will give those users a free upgrade to a one-year membership of apphub!

Wanna know the specifics? Hit the source link and tell us what you think. Are you bummed about the news?

source: chevron wp7 labs

3 thoughts on “Chevron Labs closes up shop”

  1. Shocker? Hardly. I’m sure they found their support costs were too high for how much they were charging. Wish I bought a token though when they were available to get a free year of app hub.

    1.  shocked me because we sort of expected there to be a return
      but what if there isn’t a reason for chevron

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