Blueprints – A rockstar tumblr client for Windows Phone

Blueprints for Windows Phone is a beautifully designed Tumblr client. Its looks fantastic and is a pleasure to use. Even in its current beta form the app works very well and the developer has promised to keep updating the app frequently with new features. I’ve compared the app to the official Tumblr app on iPhone and Blueprints shines both in terms of usability and features

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

Here is the full list of features:
  • Share texts, photos, quotes, links, conversations, videos and audio.
  • Like and unlike posts as well as reblog them.
  • Play audio posts and videos.
  • Save photos to your phone.
  • Share links in your connected social networks.
  • Search for songs in the Zune Marketplace.
  • Save drafts or add posts to your queue.
  • Post to multiple blogs related to the same account.
  • Pin your favorite blogs to your start screen.
  • Send your posts to Twitter.
  • Find the blogs you’re following.
  • Keep a look on the posts you’ve liked.
BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

BluePrints Tumblr app for Windows Phone

It is heartening to see such good design work for a third party app. I no longer need an official Tumblr app because this feels like one! Needless to say, this is by far the best 3rd party Tumblr client on the Windows Phone marketplace. Blueprints is priced for $0.99 with a free trial version (read-only) available.  Happy Tumbling! :)

Download Blueprints, a Tumblr client for Windows Phone


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