Baconit 2.0 : The best Reddit app for Windows Phone gets a major update

Dear Narwhals, time to go crazy. Unarguably the best Reddit app on Windows Phone, Baconit has just gotten an update to version 2.0 and it’s pretty great. The developers have taken only four months to reach version two and still kept the app completely free yet awesome. The list of changes is pretty huge, from endless scrolling everywhere to a major rewrite of the app to added .gif support and a lot of bug fixes, your Reddit time is about to get a lot better.

Don’t let me keep you waiting, you can grab the free version here  and donation variant here.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

* Main Landing

o Completely rewritten

o Added Recent tiles

o Made subreddit list scroll larger

o Moved many of the feature links around to make more sense.

* SubReddit Viewer

o Viewed stories now have a different title color to indicate what has already been seen.

o Endless scrolling work 100% of the time

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* Message Inbox

o Rewrote much of it for speed and reliability

o Added sending response when replying to a message, the UI will show a waiting screen until it receives sent confirmation

* Story Details

o Rewrote much of the loading code to make it quicker and more reliable

o Made first comment bar color much brighter than the others

o Story header collapse after comments are scrolled

o Fixed “No comments” bug

o Fixed story to story linking

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

o Pressing up vote or down vote after it is already now neutralizes the vote

o Double tapping a parent of collapsed children now un-collapses the children

* Profile View

o Main user account now also show liked, disliked, and hidden

o “Karma” spelling fixed

o Date is now formatted to system date format

* Reddit Image Viewer

o Added .gif support – for some

o Added NSFW block screen – Tap to show an image that was marked NSFW

o Fixed Image not saving to phone issue

o Added double tap to make image go full screen and double tap to get back

o Fixed returning to the wrong Image

o Updated and improved the tips overlay

* General

o Live tiles no longer need to update to change to new accent colors

o New Live tile background for to show link and comment karma

o New ”new message” live tile icon for some live tiles

o Bug Fixes

o Speed Improvements

* Background Updater

o Added crashing reporting

o Added ability to render live tile images

o Mostly rewritten for bug fixes / speed improvements

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