Windows 8 CP has hidden clue, indicating Windows Phone OS based on NT kernel?

Not going to bother you guys with heavy reading. It’s just the guys at dug out something interesting from a post in a little BBS. A guy at My Digital Life reverse engineered the ntoskrnl.exe file in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and found a whole lot of funny strings in it: 

Interesting strings after reverse engineering

 As you see, many of these things sound like Windows SKU, such as “Small Business”, “Data Center”, “Enterprise”, “Personal”, “WH Server” (Windows Home Server?). With strings such as “Setup Type” and “Product Type” in the mix, it’s pretty obvious what they refer to.

And at the very bottom there is “Phone NT”. As far as we know, “NT” could mean only one thing at Redmond, and Microsoft doesn’t have a second active phone OS (R.I.P. Windows Mobile). So, Windows Phone 8 codenamed “Apollo” running on Windows NT kernel (yet again) confirmed?

The poster also noted that “Phone NT” wasn’t there in Windows 8 Developer Review. Hopefully this means Microsoft has made a lot of progress on Windows Phone while desktop Windows evolved from DP to CP.

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