Lumia 800 will be exclusive to China Telecom for a whole month

More insider news from The Chinese Windows Phone site has got words that Lumia 800 (rebranded Lumia 800c for China Telecom) will be an exclusive item for China Telecom for a full month. Such deal is extremely rare in China. The last time anything like it happened, as I could remember, was iPhone in its early days (exclusive to China Unicom).

Chinese mobile market is very much unlike its American counterpart. In the US, the carriers control everything from devices to services. In China it’s the opposite: devices are sold in a free market, through OEM-owned sales channels, or a million independent vendors. They are unlocked by default, entirely free from any carrier control. If you want a phone, just pick one up at your preferred vendor, then hit your preferred carrier to choose a service plan.

Given that, China Telecom’s one month exclusive Lumia 800 dealership is truly unusual. During that period, even Nokia’s own chain stores won’t sell it. Nokia and China Telecom are in some serious honeymoon here.

The official Lumia launch event will happen in Beijing on March 28th 2012 (TOMORROW). Let’s see what else is to be revealed there.

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