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Windows Phone App Review : Indian Rail App

I travel a lot by trains.  In fact so much, that I am responsible for 50% of revenues for Indian Railways ( Ok I am exaggerating but you guys get the point, right ?). I usually check for a train availability via the Indian Rail website. One look at it, and you will understand why I hate it.  Too many ads and very unreliable website. To get a seat availability on the train between two stations, I have to check the codes for the station and then come back and then put in the data and then get the result . OH ! and not to forget the thousands of ad popups that ask me to get a Travel Insurance (Yes, exactly what I need while planning a travel).

There are other sites too like IRCTC, ClearTrip which have good UI but then again they are not really mobile friendly. Since I am on the move most of the time, I wanted a mobile app. And that is when I stumbled upon IndianRail App on the Marketplace.

The App really looks beautiful as it tries to emulate Windows Phone’s Tiles interface and has various sections displayed as Tiles.

Screen Capture (5)

The App has 5 sections

1) Train Schedule : Lets me check any train’s schedule by entering the train number. I can also Save the Train Schedule in this app

2) PNR : One of the best features – It lets me see if my ticket has been confirmed or still waitlisted. I can also bookmark the PNR number for faster access

3) Travel Plan : Quite an extensive feature, Lets me see how many tickets are available in different classes on a given day between two stations.

4) Train Live Status : Live Update of the train which shows actual / expected time of the train in a nice table format

5) Passing By Trains : List of Trains that pass by a certain station in the time frame that the user sets.

I am in love with this app. I use this regularly and one thing I totally heart is how it displays different stations and pops up suggestions when I type the station name. Also the way the stations are displayed in the list ( in the same way , how your music is displayed in Zune on Windows Phone ) is good !

Screen Capture (6)Screen Capture (7)

It all just fits in and the Developer Pavan Bhattad has taken care the app emulates the look and feel of Windows Phone ! The Developer regularly provides updates for the app every now and then.

You can find Indian Rail App on Marketplace here.

P.S : At WPSauce, we are starting with reviewing apps which cater to the Indian Marketplace or are developed by Indian Windows Phone Developers. If you are a Windows Phone Developer from India and have developed some good apps – Drop me a mail at karthik[at]wpsauce[dot]com (or use and I will get back to you.

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