Windows Phone App Review: ide7– a client for ideone.com

If you are not familiar with ideone.com, it is an excellent website that lets you compile and run bits of code in any programming language under the sun. Nontas Rontogiannis, a tech enthusiast from r2squared.net and student at Univ. of Patras has released a client for ideone on Windows Phone called ide7.


If you quickly have to show your friend the validity of your idea at a bus stop, this is an excellent app to have. I tested it with C# and C++ and works flawlessly. There are a couple things to remember, though. It is almost always a good idea to first load the sample program. For example, in my first run with the app, I forgot the using System;  declaration in my C# code, and got an error message.

There are a couple of problems with the keyboard, though, something that I hope can be fixed in an update. First, the keyboard has spelling correction turned on, which means i is autocorrected to the capital letter I, while is corrected to While, which makes typing code a pain. Second, the syntax-colored text box does not let you place the cursor very accurately. Specifically, long-pressing on the screen does not cause a cursor to appear, which would have let your move it around and place it accurately.

ide7 is a useful application, and I had fun with it. You can find the paid / trial version here, and the free / lite version (that supports C, C++, Java and C#) here.

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