Toolkit for porting Unity 3D games to Windows Phone to be open sourced soon

As you’d probably know, as many developers have noted before – lack of Unity 3D support for Windows Phone is an omission that is costing Microsoft a lot of veteran developers. David Halgesaon, in an interview with Pocketgamer, confirmed that Unity will not be supported in Windows Phone 7 but they are optimistic for support in Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7 developers can create games with help of both Silverlight and XNA.

Press Play, developers of classic Windows Phone XBL game Tentacles, are about to contribute to the developer community in a huge way. Press Play built a toolset in house to help them port their games from Unity 3D to XNA (Windows Phone). Now they have decided to open source this tool set which would enable Unity 3D developers port their game to the Windows Phone marketplace. This is a commendeble move move by Press Play,kudos.

Here’s the official detailed post from Press Play Facebook status:

In Press Play we have built a toolset for porting Unity games to Windows Phones and now we want to make it open source. 
The toolset called (FFWD or “Fast Forward”) has been used in getting games like Tentacles and Max from Unity3D to the Windows Phone. 
What we have done is to recreate a version of the Unity framework within XNA. This allows us to build and design the game within Unity and build it in XNA and eventually play it on our Windows Phone. For a Unity centered studio like ours, it has been great because it has allowed us to maintain our usual workflow within Unity. Now we want to share it. Lately we have been contacted by several studios who wants a go with it – and we finally came to the conclusion “WHY NOT!”.  The idea is now to make it an open source project and see where it goes. If you are interested in using it, you may also be interested in contributing to it, and that way we may actually get something back from our efforts.  Our problem now is that making it open source takes an effort in itself. Thomas Gravgaard (the father of FFWD) is busy sprinkling his brilliance upon our other projects, but as soon as he gets a moment off those, he will be looking into uploading it somewhere, and we will let you know.  So stay tuned for more info on this.

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