Rumor: Nokia Lumia 730 at MWC?

Oh Nokia, you have a way of not keeping mum about future devices at major tech events. First it was the Lumia 800 announcement ahead of schedule followed by the Lumia 900 leaked in a similar fashion. So, what’s the next round of leaks for MWC? That leak comes in the package of the Nokia Lumia 730. According to WPDang, the Finnish handset maker is poised to announce a device that is:

Similar in specifications with the Lumia 710 and will not sport the Clear Black Display and polycarbonate casing. However, the device will come pre-loaded with Tango…while supporting LTE and CDMA networks…the phone will have capacitive buttons on the front and will be a bit larger with an 8 MP EDOF camera. The device is expected to be priced similar to the 710 and will launch in European markets first.

A lot to be said about the rumor. It definitely makes the Lumia 730 information on wpbench accurate, and if the specs are true, it should make for an interesting device. Though, we’re not totally keen on the rumored EDoF camera, however everything else sounds very interesting. But this is a rumor, and remember it as a rumor until MWC later this month. If the rumor is true, is this a device that is on your list?

via: Liveside source: wpdang

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