Rumor – Nokia Lumia 610 Tango Phone?

Another day, another Nokia rumor in our midst. But even this rumor has me very skeptical. According to nok4us, an anonymous tipster has given information on a “new” Nokia device running Windows Phone Tango code named the Lumia 610. Given the new numbering scheme, this device is definitely on the budget end, and the alleged specs clarify just how low end this device is. Specs include:

  • 256 mb RAM
  • 5 MP camera with led flash
  • 3.5 inch screen of unknown technology
  • interchangeable back covers

The device itself looks a lot like the Nokia C7. In fact, it also looks like a poor attempt at photoshop. Nevertheless, if the device is real, it could be a great free buy on contract for at the very least 50-70 euro unlocked. Though, is this a phone you want? Discuss?

via: nok4us

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