Carbon for Windows Phone now available in marketplace

Carbon for Windows Phone has finally arrived in Windows Phone marketplace after a series of roadblacks with certifications but they have finally managed to get Carbon on the marketplace.

Developers of Carbon Windows Phone are releasing v1.1 and they will push v1.2 on February 15th which will include a bunch of new features.

Here’s what you can expect in v1.1 (via Official Blog Post):

  • Full inline Pictures on the Timeline(needs to be enabled from settings)
  • Double Tap on tweets for quickly replying to tweets without the need to leave timelines
  • Quickline: A swiss army timeline for accessing all kinds of timelines from Lists, Retweets, Saved Searches.
  • Live Ties for every account, pinnable to the Home Screen with Mentions & Direct Messages background checks
  • Compose Tile, pinning a compose tile on the Home Screen for a speedy tweet composition
  • Search Tiles, pin a #hashtag or keywords to your home screen for quick access to a search timeline
  • Threaded Direct Messages View
  • And of course, Pro URL shortening, Read Later support(Instapaper & Read It Later) and a lot more…

So we have another strong contendor for best Twitter app on Windows Phone. Mehdoh is stealing the show at the moment, big reason is that it’s free, while Rowi is the most popular paid Twitter app. Carbon is a paid app as well and will give both the Twitter app a hard time. It’s good to see a popular Web OS app finally making it’s way to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Download the application from the link below:

Carbon for Windows Phone

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