Huawei holding back on the Windows Phone project

Filed under “probably bad news”.

We’ve heard words before that Huawei, one of the gigantic phone makers from China, is planning on joining the Windows Phone gang. Actually there have been speculations that the company will reveal some of its works so far on MWC 2012.

However, according the insider source of Chinewe Windows Phone site WPDang, Huawei has brought an emergency halt to all Windows Phone related projects. Previously Huawei had already built an engineering phone, which now is to be shelved. And the Windows Phone team has been disbanded and allocated to other projects. In short, on MWC this time (and probably for quite some time in the future) we won’t say any Windows Phone, Tango or Mango, from Huawei.

WPDang reasoned that Huawei made the decision probably because of leader change, hence strategy change. Earlier this month, the regional director of handset division for China region was transferred a new post, while two (out of two) of his deputies left the game too, one retired, the other transferred. With all leaders in the house changed, there’s bound to be some change in the strategy.

Plus, as reasoned by WPDang, Huawei has been trying hard to make a bang with its cloud services and homegrown app store. Neither of these things is possible on Windows Phone.